Friday, 16 May 2014

Dress up with Space Invasion !

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The other day I went down
to Space Invasion with Lindsay & Alicia to pick out items that I like yay !!!!
 I blogged about Space Invasion a few times before , you may click HERE to know more about it ^^

Happy girl after picking out items that I love !
 Space Invasion
sells clothes , accessories , shoes & many other cool items which are from renowned web stores & brands ! So that day , I picked out a black skirt by TIG3RLILYX , gold earrings by O.S.H & a super cute black clutch bag by LALALAND all from Space Invasion itself ♥_ !

Earrings , skirt & bag from Space Invasion :D

Earrings by O.S.H available at Space Invasion !

Really love this
unique piece , gold goes super well with black or white which instantly gives a classier feeling to your outfit . I don't have the habit of wearing earrings though , but I swear I love this one so much ! Really glad I picked it

Skirt by Tig3rlilyx & bag by lovely lalaland
When I saw the skirt ,
I told myself yes this is a must get ! I just fell in love with the skirt's design straight away I didn't even have to reconsider ... especially when Lindsay agrees to it too :D

As for the black clutch bag ,
 I'm so glad I stole it before Lindsay & Alicia HAHAHA because the both of them went like , "Whoa this is damn nice !!!!" Especially Alicia who kept saying she really likes the bag I picked . I guess I chose it partly also because the girls like it too . However when I got home , I notice that the metal chain is what I really like about . It's simple yet classy (:

 And together with all the items
from Space Invasion , I pieced all of it into an outfit effortlessly :

Once again , the items I picked out from Space Invasion are as follows : 

Earrings - O.S.H
Skirt - Tig3rlilyx
Clutch Bag - Lalaland

They are located at : 

The Cathay , 2 Handy Road 
#03-15/16 , Singapore 229233 

Instagram @spaceinvasionsg & click HERE for their Facebook page !

Thank you Space Invasion for such a wonderful experience again