Thursday, 15 May 2014

Art of Hair

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Not long back ,
I agreed on doing a video & photo shoot with my one & only favorite best salon , J7IMAGE ♥ ! I had the photo shoot done with Lindsay & Cherie while the video shoot alone as J7IMAGE actually filmed down the entire process of getting my hair done with them again , so when it's up , I'll put it up on another blog post which I'll explain why later ! 

As it is a shoot for J7IMAGE , 
my hairstyle & color was already planned before hand and it is supposed to suit the theme which is the 'Dolly Look' for me ! So basically I just had my hair done solely for the shoot itself , so later on this month , I'll get my hair done officially with them AGAIN hahaha . 

P/S : Read till the end for the discount code when you visit J7IMAGE ! 

And being my usual self ,
I always love surprises . I kept telling them NOT to tell me what colors they're doing for me that day so here's an instavideo of my hairstylists and I that day , from there you can also see my hair was still black ! 

I love all of them ♥ !!! Always so nice to me :p 
 Sooooooooooo straight away we started the video shoot by me sitting down on the salon's chair (I actually even sat on a baby chair so I can appear taller on screen wtf) ! I wasn't allowed to do anything at first , no phones , no food nothing . But after awhile I was allowed to HAHAHA my hands are always itchy . It was really tough for me to be sitting in front of the camera 8 hours straight as I'm not somebody who can sit still LOL . 

What's more , I didn't had
any chances to snap pictures that day ... but yes so a camera was in front of me the whole time like this one : 

Since my hair was in black , 
creating a brand new look is like starting from scratch , lots of bleaching , lots of coloring . Thank god J7IMAGE uses organic hair products , or my hair would be so much more damaged ! I love how they make sure they give their best to every single customer and showering their 'HAIR' with concern HAHAHA . 

So now , presenting to you ,
the final product of the 'Dolly Look' by J7IMAGE : 

I mean really , this is what they
are , Art of Hair . Every single hairstylists there have got passion for hairstyling , it is really not just a job to them . They actually enjoy their job EVERYDAY like one big family , creating new artworks out of our supposedly boring hair . 

A little background information
about J7IMAGE here , they are all very experienced hairstylists from different renowned salons who come together to open their very own salon . One of which even has up to 20 years of experience . Each of their stylists also specialize in different skills such as cutting , coloring etc .

So back to topic , 
my hairstylist Jeft wanted something dolly for me , so he ditched my boring side fringe and now I have bangs instead ! One side of my hair is bleached to blonde and layered with a slight tint of pink which is custom mixed by my stylist himself with FOUR different tones of pink ! 

Whereas the other side
 is bleached and dyed with a darker tone of hot pink which I really love , as it goes so well with the top layer of natural brown black that Jeft dyed for me in order to balance out my hair for a healthier look ! 

For my hair to be 
bleached so many times with them for a different look may sound pretty crazy . Which is why , treatment must always follow after , take good care of your hair ! J7IMAGE has a variety of different kind of treatments for you to choose from

My hairstylist have always
given me different sort of looks ever since I joined them , they can even create funky and cute hairstyles for you without any coloring ! It is under the D&D section of their price list . Need any hairstyles for a event ? Now you know the solution (; 

Before you get your hair done with them ,
do note that you can quote my name or present my blog to them upon payment for a 20% off :

Can't wait to get my hair
done again with them at the end of this month ! Will blog about it once it's done ♥_♥ !!!!

Ring them up at 6735 5195
to book an appointment to prevent waiting and they're located at : 

 14 Scotts Road 
 #02-14 Far East Plaza (S)228213 
P/S : They are closed on the 7th of every month
Follow them on Instagram @J7Image & like them on Facebook HERE .

Many of you also asked me on ask.fm regarding the price list of J7IMAGE , please refer to their website at - www.j7image.com

 Talk to you guys soon , bye !!! Hehe