Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The sweet stuffs !

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Omg super happy because
I did my nails with Mynte Fingers again last week ! The other time I had my nails done with her , I had really badass nails with all the comical nail arts on all of my fingers which requires a lot of effort and skills . So this time I told her I wanted something different , something sweet looking & related to cupcakes

I really have got no 
idea how to express how much I love my nails right now , but all I can say is I just keep looking at my nails with all the gorgeous intricate designs ♥_♥ REALLY REALLY have to thank Mynt herself for being such a talented manicurist ! 


 I did a classic
gelish manicure with Mynt and as usual , she's extremely meticulous with her work , from removing the dead cuticles to working on very small & delicate details of nail art designs she prepared for me . Many manicurists uses a stencil or like a stamp thing to transfer all of the designs onto your nails . However . what I realized about Mynt is that she owns the stencils but still prefers to draw nail arts on her own ! 

She's able to create
all sorts of designs as I've seen the samples she drew professionally at her home salon all by herself ! So if you're thinking of getting cartoon nail art like minions or even floral designs , Mynte Fingers can definitely help you with it :D 

Knowing that I like 
the color pink & ribbons , Mynt offered me ribbon gems that are available in all sorts of colors . I picked out 1 baby pink & 1 translucent pink but I didn't know which one to pick !!! So Mynt gave both to me on my nails HAHAHA . Pictures in detail : 

 This set of nail art
is so colorful and makes me feel so joyful & happy every single time I look at it ! Like what Mynt said , "happy nails for the happy girl" (': I always leave her home salon feeling all happy & satisfied with her awesome work ! Especially the part where she cleanses my nails , my nails instantly smells seriously good . I'm not sure why but her cleanser comes along with a really sweet smell LOL . 

And finally we've come to
your favorite part of this blog post , DISCOUNT CODES ♥_♥ !!!!!!!
Quote my name , 'Chrysan' to receive $5 off gelish manicures when you visit Mynte Fingers to get your nails done :D

They are located at 
Yishun ave 11 , Blk 427 . You may book your appointment with Mynt via email at myntefingers@hotmail.sg OR reach her at 8444 0406 (What's App ONLY) . It's really worth a try at Mynte Fingers as she's professional & uses proper equipments for our nails which requires a lot of care for . Most importantly , getting your nails done with Mynt is soooooooooo much cheaper compared to the market rate out there now ! 

 For more understanding or to satisfy your curiosity ,
 click HERE for Mynte Fingers' blog , click HERE for their Facebook page and they are @myntelicious on Instagram

Ending this blog post with their price list :  

Once again , 
thank you Mynt for giving me a set of pretty nails that I now love