Monday, 7 July 2014

Throwback events !

Hiiiiii ! There's a new blog post below
this one on office warming !! Just felt like blogging so yea hahahaha . As the title suggests , yeap it's throwback events ! Since both My Lunch Wagon and Wah!Banana videos are out already , I thought I would just blog about it :D

Sooooooo super throwback ,
when I still had black hair , I filmed the second episode of My Lunch Wagon at ReStore Cafe with MousetrapTV and here's my #OOTD that day sponsored by @lalalandsg ♥ !

Love this vintage dress , thank you @lalalandsg ♥ !

For those who've watched
the first episode of My Lunch Wagon , you would've known that for every episode there will be a 'special character' . For the second episode , it's Alicia's turn to be the special character and this time she acts as the 'sudden outburst girl' :D ! 
Lindsay , Alicia (the special character in episode 2 of MLW) and me in ReStore Cafe ♥ ! #throwback

After filming with the boss of ReStore Cafe :D
And if you haven't watch
this episode of MLW , here it is : 

P/S : I'm not kidding when I said in the video that the waffles are nice . The waffles are really really nice :D !!!! I would definitely go back and eat I swear lolol . Just need to find someone to accompany me :D 

It was super tiring
that day for all of us including the crew because we covered two locations in one day ! We went back to the , back then old office to chill for awhile and watched my boss perform magic tricks for us when all the crew went home hahahhaha LOL he's the best !

 Even though technically speaking
we get to 'eat' while filming MLW , we really don't eat a lot lol so we were actually very very hungry by then . Boss was superrrrrrrrr nice and brought us to the timbre which was near my place :D Thank you boss ♥ ! 

Love places like this with live band :D

Lindsay and Alicia ♥ 我的两个心肝宝贝 !!!!

Boss hahahhaha

All of them ordered beer except for me hahaha . You'll know what I ordered in the pictures below !

 I remember it was super funny
because the moment we reached there , all 3 of us (Lindsay , Alicia and I) started taking pictures of almost everything with our huge ass DSLRs HAHAHA . Boss was super hungry too and he gave the 'wtf' face when the food came because he wasn't allowed to eat yet when all of us take turns to take pictures of the food LOL HAHAHHAHA . 

It is really true because whenever 
I head out with them , I must always wait for like 5 minutes before I can eat just so they can take some pictures . I do that myself too , which is why every time before eating etc my family would ask me , "so you wanna take pictures of the food first ? Faster !" LOLOL .

And yeap I ordered tomato juice 
as seen below . WHY ? Because , I love tomato juice and I can't take beer/alcohol because I'm just the kind that can't drink hahaha . 

I so extra cheers with my tomato juice ..... hahhaha sorry la

When I took this picture , my boss is actually holding on to the fork saying , "take picture already ? Can eat already not ?" 

This is super yummy

We stayed after dinner to 
chit chat for a looooooooooooong time ! Can't wait to film My Lunch Wagon again soon ! Also , recently I filmed with Wah!Banana , thank you so so much for having me again ♥ Here's my #OOTD that day for filming with Wah!Banana :

Pieced the basics together that day !
Here's the video , please watch it :D ! 
I'm rarely inside and this time Ryan Slyvia is inside tooooooooooo :

Yeap it's the World Cup gender reverse HAHAHA .
Anyway the bloopers are out too ! It's super funny ! Watch it here : 

Thank you so much Wah!Banana

Group shot after filming that day :D

Had watermelon too hahhaha thank you Ryan Slyvia ! :D
Also had late lunch/dinner(??) with Jason , Audrey and Fish :D ! I was so hungry I finished my entire bowl of ba chor mee lol

And yea if you followed me on Twitter you might have seen this HAHAHHA . I broke 2 pair of chopsticks LOL FML . I just wanted to eat my bar chor mee ........ blame the chopsticks for being fragile hahhaha

After filming with Wah!Banana ,
I went off to meet Lindsay for awhile (she is obviously the one who help me take all the OOTD shots ) thank you love ♥ Then I headed off to Chinatown to have dinner with my family AGAIN LOL I was feeling so full by then already but still .

Hehe so yeap , please watch the videos in this blog post k guys !!!!
Show some love and thank you !!!!! :D