Monday, 7 July 2014

Office Warming !

Finally done with editing pictures today ! Been editing the pictures since few hours ago and I've been dying to blog about Office Warming :D Last week , For Jake Sake had office warming and you may ask how is it related to me lolol . The thing is , MousetrapTV , ForFleaSake , Space Invasion etc are all under For Jake Sake ! So so happy and proud of them :D Love the new office too ♥

Reached and took my #ootd
shot nearby ! Thank you Alicia for helping me to take the pictures as always hehe .

And then I started taking jump shots ... hahaha

And here's a GIF of me
doing jump shots and it appears that ..... YES MY SLIPPER FELL OFF AHAHHAHAHAH 


Kent :D 

Alicia :D 

Cherie ! 


Michelle helping us take pictures :D 

With Brenda 

Baby Alicia 

With my nail sponsor , Mynt ♥ ! 

With one of our video editors , Shafiqah ♥ ! (I think that's how to spell her name hahahha)


Cherie also brought her homemade brownies ! 

Love'em brownies ♥_♥ ! 

Playing with bubbles hahaha 

But actually behind the scenes , there are people blowing bubbles for me too HAHHAHA . 

Left to right : Brenda , me , Shafiqah , Grace , Alicia and Cherie ♥ ! 

Guests playing games hahaha 

By 10PM Lindsay finally came down ♥ !!!!!

By midnight I changed into casual clothes and relax in one of the rooms with my lappy and Cherie's brownie ♥ ! 

Lindsay , Alicia , Cherie and I planned to have a stayover in the office that day so we changed into our sleeping clothes ! 

Lindsay and her blanket hahahha 
Boss showing Lindsay and Alicia something on the phone which was super funny hahahahha 

We also went out to play sparklers :D 

Self taken shot ! Was holding the sparklers on one hand and my phone on the other . I love them ..... and it reminds of a person .. I guess everything ends eventually .

Out to buy cup noodles ! 

Food x UNO hahahhahahha 

By late night I've already removed my makeup hahahha which is why I don't even bother to photoshop LOL 


When to the toilet and when I came back I asked them what were they doing with my phone , they said "oh nothing la " but when I got it back ...... DAMN YOU GUYS HAHAHHAHAHA 

Eventually , only Alicia , Cherie , Lindsay & I
are left in the office , we slept around 7 plus in the morning and woke up by 11am when everyone came in for work . It was so embarrassing !!!

We had breakfast together nearby and went home
after that ! I still remember that morning I had diarrhea wtf HAHAHHAHA . Really happy to spend time with them always ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥