Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Day out to Sentosa !

Superrrrrrrrrrrrrr sleepy right now !
Just thought I would blog about the other day where I headed off to Sentosa with my bro , his girlfriend & Ginity ! I was actually watching some shows on xinmsn but I just suddenly felt like blogging HAHAHA .

#OOTD that day to Sentosa :

Thank you bro for helping me take my ootd shots HAHAHHA

Yes , it was a very very sunny day . Humid !


Ginity and I reached Vivo City first ,
decided to settle down at Taiwan Cuisine for breakfast and waited for my bro and his girlfriend to join us there ! We were there since 9plus in the morning hahahha #KiasuSingaporeans . We originally wanted to visit the Trick Eye Museum that's why !

Bro & his GF joined us !

All of us ordered the same thing HAHAHA

After breakfast ,
I had a very bad gastric pain lol . Super suey !!! Cuz I was damn excited the whole night , slept a few hours and prepared early in the morning for it and felt it was such a great day until I have gastric pain ): But later when I reached Sentosa I was fine already HAHAHAHA .

But guess what ?
When we reached there , the waiting time to enter the Trick Eye Museum was SIX HOURS . But there's no queue for purchasing of tickets ... I was so disappointed because I thought I was early enough already ): ! We didn't want to waste our trip to Sentosa so we decided to go for Luge :D !

Always loved Luge since I was young :D 
We bought the special deal package where we get to ride the skyride and play luge 3 times !!! For the first ride , Ginity and I sat together for the sky ride with bro and his gf behind us and we picked different routes for the luge . Second time , still the same for the sky ride but this time all of us picked the same route . Third time , all 4 of us sat together on the same sky ride and picked the same route hahahahhaha .

Ginity and I kept laughing
on the sky ride because both of us were afraid of heights HAHAHA . But we weren't that afraid since we are still capable of teasing each other hahahha . Took pictures of bro and his gf sitting on the skyride behind us too :D The whole time I was damn afraid my DSLR , phone , bag or my slippers would drop lol .

The people there
also keep complimenting my hair , thank you :D Speaking of hair , can't wait for my next appointment with J7 already !

To the bro who refused to take pictures with me .... AHAHA

Sometimes it's really just so
damn hard to get the guys to take pictures with us .... WHY GUYS WHYYYYY

Bro forever photobombing us HAHAHHA

And then the tourists photobombed us too HAHAHHA

I smiled at this with my own DSLR in hand hahahhaa

At the highest end

Last ride
Love this candid shot

 After the rides ,
we headed off to the beach and it's really pretty crowded ...

I was like , "gimme pose !" and see what they did in the picture below ...


Bro needs to stop photobombing hahahha

Thank you for being my photographer , Ginity hahahahha
Made a GIF too :

Asshole person behind , why you photobomb them :@ ?!

Had ruffles hahahha

Love the caramel ice cream :D ♥ !

Yuuuuuuuuumz #GluttonDon'tCare
We got hungry by evening
and left to Outrum to have 奶油鸡丁饭 (buttered chicken rice) :D !

After having a super fulfilling dinner
that night , we all headed to a bus stop to head home but when my bus came , my bro and his gf went up first but Ginity suddenly realized she had my things in her bag so asked me to wait while she dig out all the stuffs . So obviously , I said sorry and asked the bus driver to wait too (at that point I'm not in the bus but my bro and his gf are) .

But within less than a minute ,
the bus driver rolled his eyes at me and drove off O_O ... cb ... lol . SO ANGRY !
The min that asshole drove away , Ginity found my things in her bag alr lol . Then she accompanied me to wait for the next bus and HA GUESS WHAT ! My bus actually reached my place earlier than the one my bro took , that asshole driver that drove away on me .

It was fun that day :D
So thankful they accompanied me the whole day that day ... considering that I was in a very very lousy mood due to what happened during that period of time . Oh well .