Thursday, 26 June 2014

Last weekend !

As usual , Lindsay & I
always casually meet up for fun hahahha but this time I brought Amanda along with me ! My outfit that day : 

This was taken at SCAPE !
We ended up staying there for a bit to shop and I really got quite a few good steals ♥__♥ HAHAHA and then we walked to Cineleisure and saw this super cute elephant mascot and not sure why but we decided to take a picture with it LOL . 

It wasn't a very interesting day
but I felt so much better after having a day out even if it means to not do anything .... I've been feeling so horrible lately and I'm glad Lindsay is here for me ^^ 

Amanda .... HAHAHA

After that sitting down for long talks , 
we headed off to Mondo Cafe AGAIN LOL to have dinner !!!! We've been there one time and this time I ordered exactly the same things I did as before lol . 

Root beer why you overflow :@

Time passed crazy fast
and by the time we finished eating and all , it was already 9 plus at night ! Lindsay went home while Amanda & I headed off to The Float @ Marina to pick my bro up who've been at the NDP rehearsal that day since 9/10AM in the morning . Yet he could only be released at about 11PM ... tough on him & the rest of the army boys ! 

Ending this blog post with the beautiful scenery at Marina