Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Unlucky day for MLW girls

Today , as in before 12am
is the worst day for the 'My Lunch Wagon' [MLW] girls . In case you don't know , Lindsay , Alicia and I host this show called MLW and yes the three of us had the worst day of our lives today at the same time ! Guess what ? THE THREE OF US ACTUALLY LOST OUR PHONES TODAY WTF . And so we have to keep in contact via twitter/facebook right now ): 

First of all , let's talk about my incident .
I headed to this school , used their toilet and my phone dropped inside this super huge hole that they have behind the toilet bowl where you usually put your stuffs when you do your business . You know the wall behind the toilet bowl where you can put your stuffs ? Yea THAT . There was a hole on top of it and I don't even know cause I couldn't see . The wall is actually about my height . 

If you still don't get what I mean , here's some pictures :

I hope visual presentation of what actually happened is better lolol .

View from the top of the hole .

 So like I said , 
as the wall is about my height , I didn't even know that the place where I placed my phone actually has a hole , I know how it is my responsibility that I just left it on top but there shouldn't even be a hole what . Who would've known ? 

At that point , all I was worrying about 
were the pictures/messages/memories/data etc that are inside . I don't even care how damaged my phone was gonna be when it dropped , all I want is to retrieve my phone just so I don't lose the info that I have inside . I've very very important notes in it and so much more ... I also need to keep in contact with some people and so much responsibilities ... aargh . I JUST NEED MY PHONE . 

I actually even plan to backup 
my phone that afternoon and this have to happen ... What pissed me off the most wasn't how I couldn't retrieve my phone no matter how much tape and broom sticks the cleaner gave me , it's the teachers there , the management & their attitude . I mean come on , even the cleaner there can lend me a helping hand , how about the teachers and all ?? -___- 

I was boiling inside
out when I got home and I quickly switched on my com , got on twitter and started rambling non stop . And yes , you got it right . If I have to switch on my com just to use my twitter , it means I never got my phone back today/yesterday ! 

The teachers from the school which btw 
isn't MDIS are just so fucking stuck up . Some teacher just came up to me and said if I still don't leave the school , she would call the police and then she pretended to call and shit . Honestly , I don't give a fuck if she did . Because I didn't do anything wrong ! 

I dropped my phone 
in your school and instead of offering me some help (like how the kind cleaner did) , all you did was to threaten me and make me leave the school without retrieving MY PHONE ! And then , some other teacher came and I was shocked as fuck by whatever he said below : 

"Oh , what could be so important in
phone ? Prepare to say goodbye to your phone la , buy new one la , change phone la . Well , it's good for teens like you to leave your phone alone ." 


Too much . So I told him that
I've very important stuffs inside , I really need it and I would come back again tomorrow . (as thar's what they suggested) And then he replied , "Can , you can come back tomorrow again but dye your hair black then come la" WTF . What has my hair got to do with me retrieving my phone ? Why are you judging me based on my appearance ? Why are you personal attacking me ? 

Who is he to even teach/lecture 
if he's not setting a good example ? What kind of 'teacher' is that ? Judging me based on my hair color ? How about him ? Short black-haired dude with a flat face is a fucking saint ? HELL NO . He's absolutely ugly inside . It's so disappointing for me to really meet someone so stupid face to face , someone so ... ugly inside . I truly want to believe that the way he behaved is just the minority of teachers in SG . 

No matter how mad
I am I would never disrespect or attempt to personal attack another person first . I would at least have some form of basic respect for even the lowest of the lowest ... Why did he have to be so disrespectful towards me despite the fact that I was polite at the start ?  SO ANGRY T_T !!!!! 

I swear at that point
I could totally feel my body heat like omfg I'm burning !!!! AARGH . So anyway tomorrow or later , I would be going down to see if they would retrieve it for me or not .... It just doesn't make sense if I have to just leave my phone inside that stupid hole . And it is actually possible to retrieve my phone just by a pair of long clippers or whatever but I wasn't offered much help . Except for the super nice cleaner lol ... 

So then obviously I couldn't 
use my Instagram and all but thank god Justin passed me his iPad to use first !!!! Thank you so much for the churros and red velvet frappucino !!!! It's super super good ♥ 

Chocolate and caramel tasted the best in my opinion :D

This is surprisingly good !!!
Sorry guys that I ranted so much ...
But I'm really sure you guys would've felt pissed if you were in my shoes :@ !!!!!
Even my friends are pissed for me ! : 

All my friends would've
stayed there till they get their phone or at least scold the shit out of them already if they were in my shoes lol . So then a few hours later , I received a Facebook message from Alicia ! And she said .. : 

And I'm like ...


Is this some kind of joke ? LOLOL .
But yes it's real . They went to the police station nearby but the police over there didn't even do anything about it . All they did was to take down some notes and they even waited for 30 mins till they're attended to . According to Lindsay , they just look damn slack and all lol . Not too sure ! Initially they were still able to call Alicia's phone .... and might have the chance to track it since she has this tracking thing in her phone . 

But I heard it's switched off already lol .
Obviously they're both very unhappy and we still have to meet tomorrow .... sigh . We don't even have our phones ): ... We are all sad for all the data inside the phone .. Especially Alicia . When all the pictures with her bf are inside her phone , she's sooooooooooooo damn upset . 

Really hope they would feel better soon .
Will blog a happy post tomorrow or later !!!!