Thursday, 24 July 2014

Blissful night .

Finally having some time to
sit down and blog about the day where I headed to Bliss House ! Nowadays I barely have a few hours of sleep but it's okay ! Hahaha . It's funny how whenever I'm feeling low , Justin would somehow just be there for me and he knows me very very well . I feel so 'transparent'  when I'm with him , like there's nothing I can hide . Since he's my first ex boyfriend 4 years ago and the only ex whom I keep in contact with . He knows a lot of what I've been through and a lot about me . Heh , it's really kinda nice to have him around ^^ !

So last Monday , Justin picked
me up from my place and we headed down to The Cathay for a movie where he picked the most unromantic show EVER HAHAHAHHA . Guess what ? We watched , 'Dawn of the planet of the Apes' HAHHAHAHA LOL seriously last warning Justin !!! I've watched part one before and surprisingly , the movie was really good !!!!! There are even some parts where I wanted to cry LOLOL .

Here's the trailer in case you wanna watch :

 After the movie ,
we headed over to Bliss House , a garden-themed restaurant that is located at The Central . It is a extremely beautiful place to dine in and I swear I was raving about it like crazy to him the whole fucking time !!!

Even their menu is fairytale-themed !!! The fonts and all .... omg such effort

I got myself this drink ... can't really remember it's name but I know it's something like 'Strawberry yogurt perfume' LOL . It's quite nice and it looks super pretty ♥ !!!!!!!

Got myself the soft shell crab tomato-based spaghetti

For dessert , we ordered the Creme Brulee ^^ It's a bit like egg tarts/steam egg LOL . But the surface of the creme brulee is  caramelized and it's damnnnnnnnn good . Crispy on the outside & super soft on the inside !

Even the pen for the feedback form is pink in color HAHAHA . This is the first time where I'm so glad and eager to write feedback for restaurants ! This place is awesome

They even have this area which I believe is for couples to hold their ROM ceremony hahahaha . Totally gonna ROM there next time LOL

Beautiful chandeliers

Still got water fountain inside the restaurant somemore !!!!!! ♥_

So fairytale-like

They even have their own bar !

 The restaurant is separated into
two sections . One for dining and one for I believe to ROM . The ROM section is soooooooooooo white , clean and definitely a lot more beautiful in the day . Whereas the dining section is garden-themed , so fairytale-like and nicely decorated with beautiful lights ♥ 

Love the ambiance of the restaurant so much ! 
Definitely going back there one day :D Strongly recommend you guys to goooooo hahaha . It's pretty quiet there though , maybe because it's weekday otherwise it should be quite crowded during the weekends ! But go on a weekday k !!! It's on level 3 , The Central ^^ 

Every single both Justin & I 
meet , we'll always be talking about us , our stupid break up etc . But that night , we spoke about so many other things and I'm very happy to have him around ! Thank you Justin