Saturday, 26 July 2014

When strangers meet

It's been a long time
since I last met someone whom I got to know online and it's really pretty cool to do it again . Especially with someone whom I enjoy talking to and ... he's so funny . Knowing that I like cakes , he brought me to Cake Spade which is located at the Orchid Hotel and I have to say , their cakes are so damn good . Usually I always order cakes that has strawberries etc but this time I wanted something different , so I ordered the mango tofu one :

Crazy yummy !


Introducing you , 
Samuel !
 He was actually on the phone
with Luna telling her how to get there hahahahha . Luna joined us halfway through !

After having what I deem as 
one of the best cakes I've ever tried , we headed over to this super famous ramen place which is only less than 50 steps away from Cake Spade , did a little googling and found out it's called , 'Keisuke Tonkotsu King' ! 

Some of our friends , (Yes both Luna and Samuel knows them , so coincidental !!!) 
are working there and we're super lucky to get seats ! Because awhile after we settle down to have our food , there was a crazy long queue outside the eating place already wtf . 


I got myself the normal
ramen with the normal soup base annnnnnnnd  turns out , it's way too salty for both Samuel and I . Even after adding water . Yes . Crazy salty for me . I'm not sure why so many people go for ittttt but , I guess you can still try their ramen if you want but it's definitely not for me ! Maybe next time I'll ask for the light soup base ... or maybe no more next time /: 

Totally didn't eat much at all ): !


By night time , 
we headed over to Fullerton hotel to look for Luna's friend and to just chill with drinks at the same time . Since I can't really drink , it's tomato juice for me LOLOL .

Beer for Samuel

Tomato juice for me ♥ #Alltimefavorite

Free drinks from them ! Thank you so much

Samuel , Luna and Luna's friend who's a DJ ! ^^

#AwkwardGroupSelfie HAHHAHA

Live band !

DJing hahaha

Baby Luna

Overall , I enjoyed myself that day
though both Samuel and I didn't get to talk much but still .... it's nice :D !
It was so funny and awkward at first , we didn't know where to start , what to talk about and for me , I was feeling a little nervous ! But it was okay towards the end , except that Samuel dropped my DSLR :@ !!!!! But thank god it's fine or I would've killed him I swear LOL HAHAHHA . 
Funny how we can talk so much
via texts but feeling awkward in real life . HAHAHA it's always like this . Can't wait to see him again though !