Tuesday, 19 August 2014



I've so many things
I wanna blog about but so little time ): But today I would just post up the blog post where I drafted with pictures earlier on this month on the 7th ! I remember so clearly it's on the 7th because I visited J7Image and it was closed HAHAHHA . I forgotten that they're always closed on the 7th each month so ya hahhaha . But anyway yes you're right , I was with Lindsay and Alicia AGAIN . LOLOL HAHAHA .

Green curry ! Love the brinjal/eggplant ♥_♥ !!!

We met up at Far East Plaza
and we had Thai Food . They ordered the green curry for me and I had a horrible diarrhea that day LOL . #TooMuchInformation . No but really , it wasn't because I had green curry , but it was because I had this tea earlier on which makes me .... y'know /: ...

Our lunch that day ! Lindsay took this picture btw hahahha . So good to have her around ♥ She always use my phone to take pictures then I don't need to take alr LOL

So like I said I forgotten
that it was the 7th of the month and decided to pay J7IMAGE a visit at their salon hahaha so we bought egglets (idk if it's called egglets) and headed to their shop and BAM . They're closed ! We felt a little upset la so I took a picture and sent to my hairstylist LOLOOL :

Hahahah but we didn't waste the food ! 
We passed some to this construction worker and some for this beggar along the streets . The money I spent is still worthy ^^ ! Alicia then collected some stuffs at Tangs and that's where I saw her new water bottle which I major love ): !!!!! Hahahhaha but anyway I also took my OOTD at Ion !

And then before leaving Ion
I saw super pretty orchids at TWG plus I just received new camera lens from Justin so I .... 

HAHAHA . But they're really really pretty ! Lindsay still thought it was fake lol

Candid shots above hehe . 
I have this habit of bringing slippers or something out when I'm wearing heels etc cuz I'm afraid halfway through when I'm out I can take walking in heels so ya just in case !!! And yea I was removing my heels and changing into slip-ons . But I still looked normal k !!!! 

Shameless toilet selfie
By evening time
we met Justin and his friend which is not my new friend , Faith ♥ ! We met straight at the dinner place which is at KPO ! It's a little like timbre I would say ... but without the live band and all . Good ambiance and they have really good food , but it was pretty packed ): I still like timbre though ! 

Lamb chop - this is super good and juicy !

Aglio Olio - Alicia is ALWAYS ordering Aglio Olio HAHHAHA

And yay my dish ! This dish is actually not in the menu but Faith and Justin requested it for me and it's realllllllllllllllly delicious ♥ ! The tomato based sauce is so creamy .... and the prawns omg so juicy ): I'm seriously seriously craving for it now .

 Oh ya super funny when 
Lindsay and Alicia introduced themselves to Faith . They were like , "Oh your name's Faith ? Hi , I'm Love and she's Hope ." HAHHAHAHAH . ASSHOLES . But thank god Faith is a very fun and open person so she obviously didn't take it to heart :D 

Initially we were all
seated in this long bench kind of table and it sucked ! We couldn't talk as a group but only the person next to you . And then yet there was this 2 uncle hogging one big table space to themselves when there are 4 of us suffering at the long bench table ):  But thank god they left after like 30 mins HAHAHA

It was such a greaaaaaaaaat night
I was so happy I got to know Faith ... Initially I was still a bit reluctant and all but turns out she's awesome as fuck . Hahahha I can't wait to see her again soon really !!! Even Alicia and Lindsay likes her :D Can't wait till when all of us are free again ... Nowadays we're all so busy ! 

Justin sent me home
afterwards as usual . Thank you Justin ♥ Ending this blog post with a super cute cat hahahha . I'm always taking picture of it though ... It's always at this same spot at my house void deck so yea hahahha . Can't believe Alicia is so afraid of cats LOL . Ok I'm gonna go put on makeup to take some pictures for a upcoming advert now !!!