Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Typical Monday

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa .
I'm sooooooooooooo crazy exhausted right now but I'm gonna blog about today while noming on some food before I go to sleep . Only had a meal the whole entire fucking day and I'm feeling so lethargic . My eyes were okay when I woke up this morning (or yesterday lol) , but after I got out of the shower my right eye started to itch and I went to rub it and it ended up like this : 

): ): ):
So to play safe , 
I obviously didn't wear my contact lens out today cause I'm damn kiasu HAHHAHAHA . No la but really , quite scary LOL . So I headed out without my contact lens today and I felt soooooo weird with blurry vision and all . Which reminds me , maybe I should go get a more fashionable-looking specs soon . LOL . 

But yea ! 
I headed out to meet Lindsay and Alicia (as usual) hahhaha at the east side , lucky them ! I stay so far away from them and I had to travel for a good whole 36 mins on the train )': However , the journey was pretty okay since I got to sit down in the train and I was just listening and playing 2048 hahahha :

Yea , fml , I died at 51k . Didn't even beat my previous high score !

So anyway I had my OOTD taken with Lindsay and Alicia :D 

After the OOTD shots and all ,
we headed to 201 to have dinner with Justin ! That's what they call it , some coffee shop around Simei ! And guess what we did next ? All 4 of us headed to my sister's place with our laptops , found our individual spots in the living room , switched on our lappy and did our own work . LOLOLOL super interesting . 

Alicia , Lindsay and I all had
advertorials to do so we were basically blogging and editing pictures while Justin work on his 3000 word essay hahahhahaha and we just talk to each other across the living room like that while we all do our own work . Nothing special really , boring as fuck but I really enjoy every single minute that's spent with them all the time ♥ Best part is , I got to accompany my eldest sister too who's probably gonna give birth really really soon :D 

And when we're bored , we take a selfie :D
But honestly I was feeling really
stressed up the whole of yesterday (just now since I haven't sleep) . I had so many things to blog about and yet my mind just went blank for 3 fucking hours straight the minute I face my laptop . Aarghhhhhhhhh can you feel my frustration ): ?!?!!!! But yay I finally just finished my work and I'm sooooooo much more relieved .

I have this very bad habit
of getting overly stressed on things that are not done and I wouldn't have the appetite to eat or do other things lolol . But ok it's good I have completed one task off the list ! Supposed to meet Alicia later at 9am but she doesn't know I'm already back at my own place already so .... sorry Alicia :p 

Goodnight ♥ !