Sunday, 17 August 2014

Look pretty !

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I've been dying to share
with you guys what I picked out at Space Invasion the other day ! And the good news is , you can now quote my name , 'CHRYSANLEE' to redeem a FREE GIFT with any purchase from Space Invasion , either The Cathay or Cineleisure outlet starting from today , 17th Aug till 16th Sept !!!

As you can see ,
this promotion would only last for a month exclusively for my readers , so do check out the awesome items at Space Invasion ASAP with your friends ! I've blogged about Space Invasion many times , but here's a quick recap to give you a better idea of what Space Invasion is in case you're unsure :

"Space Invasion is a pop up retail concept shop
at The Cathay/Cineleisure powered by For Flea Sake . A multi label store , Space Invasion offers you a selection of fashionable clothes , unique accessories , quirky underwear , sweet homemade cards , exquisite perfumes and stylish shoes ."

Okay ! So you get the idea of what Space Invasion is ! 
I really really love the items I got from Space Invasion , so let's check it out :

What I'm wearing from Space Invasion and it's brand :

Shades - Statementmuse
Necklace - ANDY
Black Bralet - Set Apart
Kimono - Set Apart 

Do visit Space Invasion at :

The Cathay [#03-15/16]
OR Cineleisure [#03-06]
Follow them on Instagram @spaceinvasionsg
Like their Facebook page HERE . For more information , visit www.spaceinvasion.sg !

Thank you Space Invasion for inviting me once again