Monday, 11 August 2014

Happy day !

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat ?!
Been heading out these days and just realized I haven't been blogging for quite some time . Tsk . Good news is , have been starting on something that I always wanted and I really hope it'll be alright T_T !!!! Not gonna say what it is now , later never do properly then paiseh HAHAHAHA . But yea gonna work hard for it and make it happen :D 

I had pepper crab cup noodles
earlier on this afternoon and I'm kinda hungry right now .... I'm crossing my fingers hoping that Lindsay would come over my place with Thai Food LOLOL . Also I've been craving for Churros and Tofu since I woke up . Yes , tofu HAHAHHAA weird cravings . 

Ahhhhhhh okay I'm really hungry now 
and I missed the opportunity of asking my dad to takeaway some food for me since he's on the way home and that means I must settle for cup noodles again or order some food ): I feel like having pizza but I don't wanna eat aloneeeeeeee .
Ok nvm talk about happy stuffs !!!

I headed down to Space Invasion 
at The Cathay and picked out some clothes and accessories with Lindsay and I'm soooooooooooo happy with what I picked out :D Super thankful that Space Invasion invited both of us down again and we were given a certain amount of credit to shop ! Can't wait to show you guys what I got :D

My casual #OOTD yesterday :

Fastest way to set my hair - wear a beanie :D
Photo taken by the staff of Space Invasion . She sent me this because initially I wanted to photoshop this and send it back to her but I was too lazy so .... ya HAHAHHA
After spending about an hour 
doing some 'shopping' at Space Invasion , Justin , Lindsay and I headed to Stateland Cafe to chill for awhile . We didn't do much the whole day actually ... but not sure why it seemed like a really long day for me LOL . I guess I was really tired yesterday since I only had 4 hours of sleep !

At Stateland with Justin :D

Omg I look like a fat fuck beside her fmlllllllllllllll

Didn't really had much at Stateland ,
so after Lindsay head off to get her stuffs done , Justin brought me to Privé for dinner ! It's located at the Keppel Bay , I can't believe I've been around that area a few times for TCC but had never came across this restaurant/bar/cafe . We dined outdoors and the view is so beautiful !

Not exactly beautiful-beautiful ,
but it's definitely a very relaxing place to dine and just chill hahaha . Not to mention , their food tastes soooooooooo damn good and satisfying , I couldn't stop giving praises while I was dining there with Justin LOLOL so suaku !!!!!

Got myself carrot mix tomato juice , best juice I've ever had :D ♥ ! Slightly sour due to the tomatoes but with a hint of sweetness because of the carrots :D 

Also got myself the seabass and it's soooooooooooo freshly grilled ! It's extremely crispy on the outside and the fish itself is so juicy !!! There's like this sweet taste of freshness and I immediately told Justin , “真的是有鲜就会有甜” . Meaning to say , as long as it's fresh , it'll definitely be sweet .
 Ok I could've taken a picture
of a the beef steak with my camera . That one tastes superrrrrrrrrrrrr good too ! But anyway I totally flew home after dinner cause I was so crazy exhausted . Thank god Justin sent me home immediately after dinner .

Ok hungry as fuck now .
Will update this blog post again with more pictures later on tonight after sourcing for food hahahha .

Anyway I had a sudden thought ,
 "eh why today my blog post like very short and very fast finish already ?!"
But then again , it's a blog . I enjoy writing what I want , what happened , than to unrealistic
 made up stories of my life HAHAHAHA . It was a short day but I was really happy :D