Sunday, 3 August 2014

Just food . Good food .

#OOTD : I just realized my top , bottom , bag & necklace are all from Space Invasion ^^ !!!!

Had the best Xiao Long Bao in my life and finally watched 'The Fault In Our Stars' !!!! So happy hehe . Oh ya and I'm actually playing Mahjong with my two sisters and bro's GF in my bro's room now HAHAHA . The reason why I can blog and Mahjong at the same time is because honestly I'm not paying much attention to Mahjong .. I don't like playing MJ LOL . But I just thought I would accompany my eldest sis since she likes it and she hardly comes home .

So anyway , while they're in front
of me shouting out all the tiles like , " 三万!九条!五筒!公鸡咬到!" , I'm just here blogging away and I just waiting for one more tile to 胡(win) this round :D HAHAHA and I'm totally starving and craving for what I had that day at Paradise Dynasty :

Making reservations over at the Ion outlet was totally not possible so we (Justin & I) headed to Paradise Dynasty straight ! Got our queue number and patiently waited for our turn hahaha .
We waited for about 20 mins
and when it's finally our turn , the waitress asked if it was okay if they gave us seats at the balcony O__O and me being a country bumpkin , had absolute no idea they actually have an outdoor area HAHAHA . Hey but the truth is Justin didn't know either ! So we went ahead with the balcony seats and honestly , it wasn't that bad :D

It was a breezy night

Chinese tea for Chinese food ^^

The outdoor area of Paradise Dynasty !

Century egg Tofu ♥ !
 I've never tried and am never
a fan of century egg before this trying this dish , so I tried the tofu with just the sauce alone and I thought it was a pretty normal dish but Justin convinced me to try it out with just a tad bit of century egg , so I did and whoa omg the difference in taste is so crazy ! It tastes so damn good with the century egg :D 

I ordered the marbled beef la mian if I'm not wrong hahaha

Super big the bowl HAHAHA . But whoa their la mian tastes sooooooooooooooo damn good ♥.♥ !!!!!!!!
 I heard that their la mian
are all hand-made , it's amazing how every strand it almost the same size and length ! The best part is , the noodles don't stick together at all ! Their soup base tastes damn good too , not too salty and it's just right for me

It's just sooooo mouth-watering and I didn't stop eating the la mian until the Xiao Long Baos came HAHAHA

The colorful XLBs ! #MUSTTRY

They also gave us this 
slip of paper where it tells you how to eat the XLBs in the correct way and sequence ! So apparently , you're supposed to eat the XLBs in this sequence : 

1. White (Original)
2. Green (Ginseng)
3. Brown (Foie Gras)
4. Black (Black Truffle)
5. Yellow (Cheesy)
6. Orange (Crab Roe)
7. Grey (Garlic) 
8. Pink (Szechuan)

Instructions to eating XLB : 
1. Lightly lift the XLB from the basket to your spoon .
2. Chew off a portion of the XLB skin from the side to allow
cooling of the soup broth and pork filling .
3. Sip the soup broth from the opening you chewed off earlier . 
4. You may now eat the XLB .

But sadlyyyyyyy , 
I didn't know earlier that I was supposed to taste all the different XLBs in the above sequence , but oh well at least I tried all the flavors with the proper instructions on how to eat the XLB ! The flavors are all pretty mild and absolutely tasty except for the truffle one which is pretty strong ! If you like truffle fries , then yea maybe you would like the black truffle XLB ! Paradise Dynasty have the tastiest XLB I ever tried in my life , I'm not even exaggerating ! The skin of the XLB is so thin and tender YET it doesn't break easily O_O 

Best XLBs EVER . #MUSTTRY . Anyway , if I have to rank the XLBs I tried according to my liking excluding the original , it'll be : 

1. Yellow (Cheesy)
2. Pink (Szechuan)
3. Grey (Garlic)
4. Green (Ginseng)
5. Orange (Crab Roe)
6. Black (Black Truffle)
7. Brown (Foie Gras)

Apparently you can also
order a basket of XLB with only the flavors you like too ^^ ! Overall it's an awesome experience dining over at the Paradise Dynasty . Really recommend you guys to try their XLBs and La Mian :D 

Right after dinner , 
we headed over to Shaw to catch 'The Fault In Our Stars' the greatly raved about movie recently : 

And the trailer here just in case you wanna watch : 

I find the movie pretty touching 
and the script is indeed very very well-written except .. I just find it overrated LOL . I know how it's crazy touching and all but I just thought there's nothing very very special about it that everyone has to be raving about it like mad . However , I really really like the script ! Let's just say they portrayed the perfect love story without having typical cheesy pick up lines in it . Very natural ! 

Justin only took my #OOTD after the movie , 
and we spent like 1 hour plus trying to take one because the pictures are somehow all blurred ): But we had awesome desserts over at TCC to reward ourselves hahahhaha :

Dark devotion - My favorite dessert at TCC

Hot chocolate filled in the inside and crispy on the outside . Tastes even better along with the ice cream ♥ That crazy hot and cold sensation ♥.
Ahhhhhhhh okay I'm seriously starving like mad right now ...
I NEED FOOD NOT MAHJONG T____T My father's GF took over me for MJ but there's no food at home right now , oh how great ):

Anyway as seen on my Instagram post ,
I had a bad nightmare today again ... It's the first time in my life where I was jolted right awake from my nightmare with myself screaming wtf . A Legit Scream O_O . I was screaming in the dream and apparently I just woke up screaming .. not gonna say what's it about this time , but it's not about my mom so yea . Ahhhhhhhhh kkkkk don't think about bad stuffs , THINK FOOD :D !