Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Chilling with Mooncakes

UPDATE : Posted a really funny picture at the end of this blog post . Alicia is so gonna kill me . 

 You know , 
I really don't know much about Mid-Autumn Festival , how it came about , the purpose of the celebration and why we particularly eat mooncakes on that day . Just in case you don't know (like me),  the Mid-Autumn Festival is actually approaching soon on this coming 8th September if Google is not wrong HAHAHA .

I was reminded a lot 
of my childhood times with my mom celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival ever since Grand Park City Hall invited the Mousetrap girls and I over for a event , the #midautumnatpark where we get to taste their mooncakes , champagne and delicious food omg !!!

Basically it's this
outdoor food tasting within the hotel compound and it's completely decorated with lanterns , 'modern' Chinese calligraphy (you would get what I mean later) , booths with different kind of food and most importantly the mooncakes :D Honestly , I never liked mooncakes , but I'm kinda craving for Park Hotel's mooncakes now cause I really really liked one of the flavors !!! Would talk about it later ^^
At the outdoor park and yes I curled my hair that day .... god knows why HAHAHA

It's super thoughtful how they
passed each of us a traditional fan because it might be a little warm outside during the early evening , but towards night time I totally didn't need it at all ! And then I kept fidgeting with the fan after I got as seen in the video below ..... HAHHA : 

And yea that's Alicia beside me hahaha .
It's super easy for me to do it with the sound and all cause my mom taught me how to swipe the fan open with a certain technique when I was younger LOLOL . So I kept showing off to the rests that I can just do it with a swipe of my thumb and yea .... HAHAHA so annoying but we had fun ok !!!! 

Mooncakes on display for those who wanna take pictures :D They even have spot lights on omg so nice T_T


This golden mooncake looks super super good in real life I tell you , so glittery somemore ♥ !!!!

And then of course they have this booth for us to try their Mooncakes !!!!

♥_♥ !!!

The glittery green in color
Mooncake above is exactly the one where I said tastes superb ! I seriously looooooooooooove this one , it tastes so good !!! I won't deny that I was actually pretty reluctant to taste the Mooncakes at first since I never liked them , but I'm glad :D By the way , this is not an Ad , I just wanted to blog about it and I'm actually contemplating if I should buy a box for myself ... HAHHA the green one really tastes damn good la .

The glittery gold one looks super pretty& it tastes good too ! But I still prefer the green one :D

I asked Lindsay to take pictures of me when I'm eating the Mooncakes and immediately I went like "omfg this one good leh !!!!" with my mouth still full x: HAHAHA
We are also actually supposed to have Mooncakes along with champagne as well ^^ !

With Lindsay ♥ Is it we romantic drinking champagne under the moonlight together baby ... LOL k kidding . Love you Lindsay !

This is what I meant by the 'Modern' Chinese calligraphy !

Look at the colors ♥ !!! Luna and I wanted to visit the booth one but then we kept eating and totally forgotten about it wtf ): ):

THIS WAS DAMN DAMN GOOD . My favorite out of all the other food I've tried that night , if I'm not wrong according to Luna , it's the 'Suckling pig' :D !

Everything tastes damn good , what else can I say hahhaha . I kinda regret not taking down the names of the Mooncakes and food that I ate ... there's so many I wanna talk about but I can't even remember the names of it ! I'm sorry guys ):

Cherie fanning me , thank you ah HAHAHA 爱你

With my favorite girl , Lindsay


Boss hahaha

Ellena and Lindsay trying to disturb me with their hair fml

With Constance and Ellena

Gahhhhh so happy with you around Alicia

Thank you so much for inviting us , Grand Park ! And thank you for the Mooncakes omg ♥_♥ Now I can be a filial child bringing mooncakes back home for my father HAHAHA . Ok maybe I should really go buy the green color one !!

After eating non-stop (LOL GLUTTON MAX) ,
I thought we were all gonna go home but then we all headed off to Sauce to chill instead HAHAHA .
 It was so embarrassing when I left Sauce because I was playing truth or dare with the girls and I was dared to shake the tree as seen below and shout for money like a lunatic wtf . Like how money would drop from the tree hahhahahah not sure if they recorded it though .

And yea I got myself tomato juice again ...
LOL I really can't drink , a sip of alcohol would get me drunk HAHAHA . Not really but yea , I really can't hold alcohol at all . So tomato juice's safe ! Wtf just realized it's 6am already and I'm meeting Lindsay later on in the afternoon !!! She's probably gonna kill me if I wake up late or what HAHAHA . But fml I still wanna stay up to watch my channel 8 drama first ): 

There's this new
channel 8 drama , the 9pm one called 'Blessings' seems like a really really great show !!! So I've been watching the first two episode on xinmsn hahahha . Guess I'm gonna sleep pretty late and wake up early againnnnnnnnnnnnn , no wonder I feel like I'm falling sick . Hope I don't fall sick *crossing fingers* 

Anyway I'm suddenly reminded
I should share this picture/meme I made of Alicia out of one the pictures that I took that day but for you to get the joke , I've attached the original meme as seen below : 


HAHAHHAHAHA . I don't know why , initially I wanted to delete this picture cause I find it pretty pointless since Alicia wasn't looking at the camera but then , I was reminded of the original meme above so I thought , fuck , I have to do this . It's too hilarious HAHA

Her reaction though HAHAHHAHAHHA . K la , to make it up to Alicia , I would post pretty pictures of her below ok ?? GOODNIGHT/GOOD MORNING PPL HAHAHA

Pretty pretty girl kkkk ? HAHAHA . Love you Alicia , forgive me hahahhaa