Sunday, 27 July 2014

Space Invasion Cineleisure Opening !

Hooray for Space Invasion ♥ !
Space Invasion is a retail store by ForFleaSake that houses lots of blog shop brands etc and sells clothes , shoes , beauty products and more ! They already have a shop at The Cathay and I still remember how I worked with them for advertorials before when they first started :D !!!! And now , they have another shop at Cineleisure Orchard !!! OMGGGGGGGG SO HAPPY FOR YOU SPACE INVASION ♥_♥ 

I was so elated when
I received the VIP launch invite from Space Invasion to their opening the other day at Cineleisure and of course , I headed down with the rest of the Mousetrap girls ! Except that Lindsay wasn't around to go with me because she was in KL enjoying her holidays then ): ... But it's ok Lindsay I represent you k !!!! Hahaha

#OOTD My bag is from @lalalandsg from Space Invasion too btw ! 

In the morning , the Mousetrap girls and I
met up at Cineleisure's Mos Burger for breakfast hahaha . But I instantly regret it when I reach Space Invasion because there's buffet omg LOL . So kiasu HAHAHA .

With baby Cherie

The only thing I always order from Mos Burger , the Yakiniku Rice Burger !

Pretty Luna hehe

At Space Invasion with the Mousetrap girls and the other invited guests ! I'm so so proud of Space Invasion

Space Invasion also gave us vouchers to shop inside that day :D ! Bought myself a super pretty skirt hehe

Alicia and her boyfriend , super love this pair :D


With Alicia and Luna

Michelle taking a picture of us :D

Buffet yay !!

With boss ♥

And it also appears that , it was Kent's birthday that day , Happy Belated once again :D !!!!!!

Kent & Jasmine :D

After the Space Invasion launch , we headed out for a smoke break hahaha

And then we headed off to Marche with the rests for lunch :D !

Cute Michelle is cute

Jesslyn and Daryl :D

The crepe is crazy delicious by the way

It was such a great day ..
Spending time with the girls and also feeling so proud of Space Invasion for having their second outlet in Cineleisure ! Great great day :D Oh yes ! And if you want to , remember to check Space Invasion out at The Cathay (#03-15/16) or Cineleisure (#03-06) ♥ !!! 

Once again , thank you Space Invasion for the invite 
and I definitely enjoyed myself that day . Space Invasion fighting !