Thursday, 4 September 2014

Bintan here I come !

Guess what ..
I'm heading to Bintan in less than 5 hours time . Crayyyyyyyyy . I'm at Alicia's place right now actually , waiting for Lindsay to come join us in a bit !!! Honestly speaking , I'm dozing off in her living room while she packs her stuff ............ Maybe I should just snooze a bit now .

Ok , turns out , 
I went to the fridge to get my Wang Zai Niu Nai instead ! I finally bought my WZNN , I had such a hard time looking for it and I finally found it at Simei's Fairprice just now when I was heading to Alicia's place ! 

My 旺仔牛奶 ♥_!

YAY , cravings satisfied ! 
Had such a filling meal just now at Simpang Bedok with Alicia though . We kept heading there nowadays and ordering the same thing HAHAHA . But we found our new love ...... this drink : 

With strips of coconut flesh inside :D !

I also requested to have Tomato Cheese Prata . They don't have it in the menu , but I was just craving for this combination so they made it for me !


This chicken cutlet nasi lemak is also a dish that we ALWAYS order . It's super tasty !

Decided to try something new for main course today , so I tried the baked salmon spaghetti with tomato onion sauce . It was okay . Didn't finish it though , was too full from the tomato cheese prata which is superb !

Whoa swear I'm fucking tired right now .
I know I haven't been updating my blog for a long time but it's because I've been busy ! AND LAZY . I've tons of pictures to photoshop . So much to blog about ! Like my trip to J7IMAGE this month with their new treatment , Kent's wedding with some of the Mousetrap girls , Sheesha with my 2 favorite ladies , Fashion beach festival and even heading to Avalon recently HAHAHAHHA . I've been really exhausted almost everyday but oh well , at least I had fun ^^ ♥ !!!!!!

I will blog about all of them
one by one once I photoshop the pictures annnnnnnnnnnnd I'll update about my personal issues as well . Too much to handle , I just can't deal ! Especially relationship issues lololol . And yea I'm still single . Come to think about it , I'm almost single for a year now . I've to admit that sometimes I miss being attached .... I miss having someone to love and all but I guess it's not something I can deal with right now . Not with me feeling stressed up about so many things everyday .

I'm trying to end this blog post
as fast as I can just so I would be able to take a nap and wake up at 6AM to prepare LOL . But I miss blogging too much , typing non stop on my keyboard and all HAHAHHAHA . My fingers won't stop . YET . Ok anyway I'm actually heading to Bintan later with the Mousetrap girls hence I'm at Alicia's place since she stays nearer to the ferry terminal . 

Still not sure which resort
we're heading to but I can't wait ! Pretty excited and I heard we would have our own pool and it's partially sponsored ! We're gonna film #3D2N there (it's a show , if you've no idea what is it , go on to www.mousetraptv.com) . Not sure what kind of challenges and activities Mousetrap will give us HAHAHA . 

And since I'll be bringing my laptop
there and buying prepaid for internet , I would try to update my social media as much as possible . IKR 5 days without updating my Instagram is pretty insane to me . Ok gonna crash ! Or maybe talk to Alicia hahahahha . Or take a selfie . 

Hopefully I still can sleep ...
for at least one hour . I hope . Lindsay faster come pls