Monday, 15 September 2014

Fund me !

Yet another relaxing day ! 
Woke up pretty late in the noon today but am gonna sleep soon since I'm filming with Wah!Banana later on at 10AM :D Despite the fact that I've worked with them a few times , I still feel nervous every now and then when I'm gonna film with them hahaha . Whether or not I have a have a big role O_O  Told myself a million times that I should always be more confident but omggggggggggggggg I just can't . I think I'm making improvements though HAHAHA .

So ... My day has been pretty short
and the only thing I've been doing is to check my Carousell and photoshop pictures ! 
Yeap , I just started to sell some stuffs on Carousell though I've used it to shop a few times . For some random reason I decided to clear my wardrobe yesterday so ..... I decided to sell away some of the stuffs that I no longer wear/had never worn before on Carousell ! Prices range from $5-10 mostly so .. if you want , take a look at my Carousell @chrysanlee ^^ !

And I just thought since nowadays
I didn't really head out , I would just post pictures of Alicia and I which is only taken recently ! Hehe enjoy :D Probably gonna use one of the pictures as my Facebook cover picture because the current one is so fucking overdue LOL . And yup , my FB is still active , so is my Twitter !

Alicia lending me her choker ♥ xiexie ni !!!!

This happens because I'm afraid of heights ! HAHA

I really hope tomorrow would be
fun and fulfilling though . Hopefully I don't have to be under the sun for too long ! I'm so fucking tanned right now ever since I came back from Bintan and the tan lines are soooooooooooooooooooo UGLY ): ! Aargh , please share with on my Ask.Fm if you've any whitening remedies LOLOL cuz I would definitely try HAHAHAHA . 

I'm also putting on weight nowadays .
Chubby as fuck . God help me . Food you evil bitch !