Wednesday, 17 September 2014

What's your hair flair ?

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In most hair advertorials you see out there ,
most people are always talking about hair coloring or hair styling etc . So I was just wondering ... why is nobody really covering the part about hair treatments when our hair needs regular & proper care the most ? Therefore this month , instead of hair coloring , I decided to touch on hair treatments from my trusty hair sponsor , J7IMAGE

I've been bleaching and dying
my hair every month EVEN BEFORE J7Image manage my hair and this is how my hair was like ..... 


If you remember , this was the picture taken in the first blog post for J7IMAGE back in 2013 . My hair was in a really bad condition before J7 took over and managed my hair .
My hair was extremely dry & frizzy , 
rough , breaks super easily and lost it's natural shine ... I was really upset and I regretted not taking good care of my hair with proper treatments when I've already been bleaching and dying sooooo much ! I thought normal hair masks/conditioners would suffice but , NO . What typical hair conditioners does is that it'll FAKE a layer of shine on your hair but in actual fact , it is NOT helping your hair in any way at all O_O 

In December 2013 , J7IMAGE started to manage my hair ,
the dying and bleaching continues but at least they are using recognized organic hair products and the amount of chemical used on my hair was greatly minimized ! They also took good care of my hair with proper hair treatments after every hair dying session without fail .. And surprisingly , my hair actually got better over time : 

Yes I know , for sure you would say ,
"but these are all with the help of flat ironing" and bla bla bla bla bla . SO , in this blog post , I'm gonna feature their new Bioma treatment and I would be showing you guys the result of it after a few days WITHOUT the help of any flat ironing to straighten OR ANYTHING . Just the pure results of it right after I got the treatment done . 

So let's check out the new Bioma treatment
 J7Image did for me that day ! When I reached J7IMAGE that morning , my hair was in this state , which is already much better compared to the first time I headed down to J7 :

Getting ready for my hair wash to wash away any form of products used to maintain on my hair !

After washing my hair , BAM .
This is how it looks like without any hair products smeared on or treatment :

The reason why they started
off the treatment by washing my hair is not because this is the 'compulsory' step , but because using the treatment shampoo to wash the hair opens up the 'pores & cuticles' of your hair WHICH THEN ALLOWS your hair to absorb the products/treatments better afterwards . 

My hairstylists then applied
the Bioma treatment onto my hair and everything has to be done with their bare hands , as using a comb might cause hair breakage and it also helps to allow the treatment to seep into your hair thoroughly . It requires a lot more effort for them to do this treatment , thank god they're meticulous enough to cover every inch of my hair T_T ♥ ! 

Note : This treatment cream is not for sale .

Unlike other treatment cream where
you can still keep the remaining amount of treatment cream after opening and use it the next time , you can't for the Bioma treatment . If they open up a packet of treatment for you , they would have to use it all on you on the very same day itself . (If you have long hair , this treatment is even more worth it for you)

Enjoying the Bioma treatment very much hehe

As we all know that
if you've bleached or very damaged hair , you wouldn't be able to do rebonding or your hair would be soooooooo damaged with all the chemicals used . Therefore , this Bioma treatment comes in handy as it actually gives a natural soft rebonding effect when the treatment is only 10% chemical , 90% treatment which has a DRASTIC difference in comparison with rebonding which is 10% treatment , 90% chemical !

Blow drying my hair after the treatment and I was super excited for the results ♥ !!!!!

I fucking love it
As natural as it is , right away after the Bioma treatment :D 
I know some of you might say that this doesn't look good as compared to my previous hairstyles which by the way received the help of flat ironing . I swear that what I say in this blog post would be nothing but the truth .

When I touched my hair
after the Bioma treatment , I was shocked . Really really shocked and impressed by this new treatment ... I felt so .. GRATEFUL and filled with gratitude ! I am so thankful that J7IMAGE decided to let me try this new treatment as my hair felt sooooo SOFT & SMOOTH at first touch .

I felt it's alive again LOLOL .
I mean seriously because it's so luscious & strengthened . I don't know what other words to use to describe this feeling . Like I somehow felt that it gained thickness ?? *scratches head* Yea seriously like it's SO SO SO SO SO MUCH MORE HEALTHIER THAN BEFORE ! If you've bleached hair , this treatment is definitely for you .

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Thank you J7IMAGE for giving me soft and luscious hair again ♥ ! The video/pictures are actually taken a few days after the treatment ! This treatment lasts about 3-6 months :D

Anyway , it is about past
3 weeks or so since I received the Bioma treatment (which costs $377) . I've also been doing my part such as using the right products and ditching the products which fake healthiness on your hair ! Please consult the hairstylists and use the right products !! Till today , my hair is honestly still manageable and I've been heading out without straightening my hair . Love it ♥ ! 

This treatment is definitely
a lot more worthy compared to other treatments which usually lasts only about 2 weeks . Whereas this lasts about 3-6 months annnnnnnnd if you're one of the lucky winners to win the vouchers , please make good use of it okay !!! The voucher expires on the 21st Oct 2014 , please join the giveaway only if you're really heading down to J7Image (: 

I would be mailing the
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However , if you didn't 
manage to win the vouchers , you can still quote my name to receive 20% OFF all services at J7IMAGE ^^ !!! For more information , visit their website at www.j7image.com or ring them up at 6735 5195 .

J7IMAGE is located at :

14 Scotts Road
#02-14 Far East Plaza (S)228213
P/S: They are closed on the 7th of every month . 

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