Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Best Cafe EVER !!!

OMG been ages since I last blogged
and I finally have some time off to sit down at a legit cafe and here I am , typing away ! I've always wanted to blog and just do my stuffs at a super chill cafe , but none of the cafes I've visited is as good as the one I'm at now - NOM Bistro & Bakery

Check out my view right now : 

YES , LIVE VIEW . Got this picture straight from my phone right after I snapped a picture .
Cannot express how happy I am
right now , being able to just sit down in a cafe to blog . It's so ... carefree . Like a dream HAHHAHA . After all , I've always wanted to do this . It isn't anything big or fancy , but it's just coming from someone who's passionate about what she's doing . HAHHAHA *shy* 

We settled for the indoor area which is air conditioned ^^
They serve a great variety of main courses as well !

The ambiance of this cafe is
simply insane . It's extremely relaxing and plays trendy music both indoor and outdoor . Anyway , I'm here with my friend since evening and we decided to go for something more filling first , since I'm fucking hungry HAHA . So we got ourselves the all day breakfast , and mine is the Breakfast Rosti : 

Mine , with the bacon , eggs etc
costs around $15 whereas another alternative which is cheaper by a few bucks (Bangers N Rosti) , looks like this : 

I SWEAR , the rosti is 
insanely good . Super crispy on the outside and smooth chunky strips of potatoes :D YUMMMMMMYYYY ! Everything tastes good , including the salad but there's only one thing that I don't really like and that is - OIL . It's a tad bit oily but overall it's still really good . In my opinion , it is actually even better than Marche's O_O

Ok my phone is dying and I'm
relying on my phone for hotspot to blog .... fml !!! There's power sockets here though , except that it's not anywhere near the place I'm sitting at right now . Moving on , we also got the English Breakfast Tea which they sell by per pot ($6.90) : 

Ask for milk if you can't take it bitter like me !

Ok apparently now I'm back
home from NOM because ... I'm too paiseh to go back indoors to charge my phone for hotspot to blog etc . So , continuing from where I stopped , I actually moved to the outdoor section at NOM earlier on because the outdoor area is even more chilling as compared to indoors . It's quieter , breezy (since it's at night) , chilling and with good music still :D AND LESS PEOPLE ! HAHA . Except there's no power sockets lol . 

We ordered desserts when we shifted
outdoors , and of course , we tried their famous Rainbow Cakes :D ! 

I'm not sure if this makes any sense ,
but because the outdoor furniture are all made of wood (I think) , it gives me a very homely and comfortable feeling ! Like I can totally make that my own home and do my shit there till the shop closes hahahahha . I heard it closes at 11pm though . How I wish it's 24 hours so I can drop by there anytime for supper with my friends ! 

Personally , I LOVEEEE their
Rainbow Cakes . In my opinion , it is actually even better than the one at Iam Cafe . I guess it also depends on individual because after all , the one I tried is flavored - Salted Caramel . Whereas the one I tried at Iam Cafe is the default one which , I ALSO like . But not everyone would like the one at Iam Cafe as the cream/icing(?) has a bit of sour taste to it . It's refreshing but I would still choose Salted Caramel Rainbow Cake from NOM any day . 

The chocolate one is in 
fact very rich in coco and I guess it's really suitable for those who loves chocolate . I'm not a fan of chocolate soooooooooo I would still choose the Salted Caramel one ! It's not crazy sweet like the other salted caramel desserts out there and I can actually taste legit salt along the way HAHAHHA . Quite cool ! 

For the macaroons , we got one of each flavor ^^
Next up , Macaroons .
It's not like the typical macaroons texture/flavors out there ... 
I don't really like it , but it's definitely unique ! I actually dabaoed some home so HAHHAHA I'm  gonna try some more later . Who knows maybe I would fall in love with one of the flavors ! 

Overall , I really enjoyed myself
so so much over at NOM ! It's the perfect place for me to hang out ... ALONE even HAHAHHA . I would definitely return again . Best cafe I've visited by far ^^ Good service x good food x good ambiance . 

For your convenience sake , here's their address : 

NOM - Bistro & Bakery
400 Paya Lebar Way #01-02/03/04
(S) 379131

Basically it's at Macpherson CC !

Ok , so I decided to stop blogging awhile and got
distracted by my phone HAHAHHA . I'm feeling kinda sick now all of the sudden ): ... Like numb all over or something . But speaking of food , I just tried Maki San for the first time yesterday with Eden !!!! OMG never thought I would try Maki San . 


Yea , I brought the box home and took a selfie with it HAHAHA . 

Too adorable ♥_!!!!

 You get to customize 
your own Maki roll and all and apparently Eden one tastes damnnnnnnnnnnn good so here I am sharing his 'recipe' without his consent HAHHAHA sorz Eden : 

Tasty and super filling . 
It's affordable too ! Can't wait to go back there again omg . I foresee myself visiting Maki San very often whether to takeaway to dine in :D After which we headed off to Plaza Sing's Nana's Green Tea for desserts :D ! 

THAT finger . HAHA . 
Anyway the cereal in a cup one (forgotten the name of it) tastes damn good but I love the mochi one even better ! Wish I ordered 2 plates instead of one HAHAHHA . Comes along with some sweet sauce too , love it !

 Actually feeling kinda sick now x_x
Guess I'm gonna go sleep ! Gotta wake up early tomorrow to meet the boss , Alicia and Lindsay at Orchard Central . Can't wait to watch The Purge tomorrow though :D Ending this blog post with another selfieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :