Sunday, 5 October 2014

Just food and party

Meh! Been wanting to blog for days
but my laptop just isn't cooperating. LIKE RIGHT NOW. My laptop just isn't connecting to the internet.. Sigh. I've to get a new lappy soon but I would be so reluctant to cuz I developed feelings for my lappy already HAHAHA. 

Ok so apparently my laptop
is able to connect to my internet hotspot but not my house internet. WHY LAPPY WHY. Ahhh but at least I've internet to blog now!!! Few days back, Alicia, Lindsay and I headed off to Orchard Central to have Kiseki Japanese Buffet early in the morning at 11AM HAHAHHA.

OOTD that day:

I actually wore something more
comfortable for the buffet when I reach OC, I only changed it into the above outfit after having our buffet which explains why I'm actually wearing something else in the pictures below with Alicia!

We were with our boss though,
really feeling quite excited now since we're gonna have a new show on MousetrapTV! At first I was really kinda upset, I thought MLW (the show the 3 of us host) is gonna be terminated, but thank god MLW is still gonna continue along with the new upcoming show for the 3 of us!

Kiseki Japanese Buffet was
pretty good, crazy loads of variety of food. I didn't eat much though, maybe I'm just not suited for buffets! Lindsay left for Cathay after lunch and that's when I changed out into my other outfit for the rest of the day HAHAHHA. Did a bit of shopping then at Watsons, H&M and Editors Market! Am contemplating if I should make a September haul video though!

Alicia and I planned to catch
'The Purge' that day but we didn't.... The both of us was looking forward to the movie since the day before! But some shitty stuffs happened and honestly my mood was completely ruined LOL. Hang around Cineleisure for a bit and headed off to OC for crazy good yogurt. Yea, I know what you're thinking, it's not laolao! We headed for Glacier @ OC instead :D

Yea IKR,
my yogurt looks way nicer than Alicia's (the one at the back) but guess what happened next? The lady boss of Glacier noticed that we were taking pictures and decided to 'rescue' Alicia's yogurt and made it look super pretty after that lol!!!!! :

 HAHHAHA. Sorry ah if mine doesn't
look very impressive. After all, Glacier allows you to take any amount of yogurt by yourself at the yogurt vending machine, you just have to pay after weighing it, that's all! It's the same logic as buying slurpee actually. I remembered the first time I tried out Glacier, it was the day before Alicia's birthday and they even have Red velvet yogurt!!!!

It's fantastic.
Especially how you can mix the yogurt flavors together and all, it's really pretty fun hahahha. But this time I just went for Original instead since they didn't have Red Velvet that day ): Their red velvet is nice though, but I still prefer original! Alicia tried out their Matcha and Cookies & Cream flavor that day, whoaaaaaaaaaaa I love it ♥__♥ !!!!!

I remember there was this girl
who saw me buy glacier instead of laolao and she told me, "eh you also prefer glacier?! Don't know why people go for laolao hor." Honestly speaking, I've never tried laolao! Really wanna try it out soon so I can have my verdict on which is the better yogurt hahahhaha. But every single time I look at laolao's queue omfg....... 

Oh ya and since Glacier is just right
next to Saizeriya, the insanely CHEAP and affordable Italian food, I went there for dinner after yogurt HAHAHA. I love their food la!!!! Especially the smoked salmon. I really wonder how they earn when their food is passable with good service yet everything is so cheap with service/GST charge. Insane! 

Our day didn't just end like that,
by night around 8plus 9, we headed to Hop Dog Bar(clarke quay) and met Justin there for a few drinks! By then my phone died lolol. What a torture! Correction, THEY had drinks, I didn't. I only had plain water lolol. The thing is that, I'm a horrible drinker, I can't hold alcohol well and.... I turn red super easily even if it's just a few drops of alcohol. I just didn't wanna be a mess!

Lindsay joined us at Hop dog that night too!
Coincidentally, Alicia's friends were over at Clarke quay too! So obviously they joined us over at Hop dog too la hahahha. They had a couple of drinks too and guess what? It was sooooooo impromptu that we decided to head to F Club with her friends! I was so reluctant not because I don't club, I love parties! But I was dressing like I'm heading to a wedding dinner lol. But I went ahead anyway! 

And then, that is when I started to drink.
JUST A LITTLE. It was just a matter of time that I instantly turn red: 

I was telling Lindsay how I wouldn't
bother to edit our drunk-looking pictures and she was like, "walao! At least MTXX(meituxiuxiu) la!" HAHAHHA, yea so I did MTXX our faces a bit.. but the subsequent pictures at the bottom.... I DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER ANYMORE. I didn't put on much makeup that day and it's useless editing drunk looking pictures because it's ugly and funny anyway!

She was like,
"Omg Chrysan your face is damn red you look so wasted" The truth is,
I obviously wasn't drunk with just a little bit of alcohol. I just have no idea where I'm flushed red immediately every single time I drink. I heard it's not a good thing!!!! Sometimes my skin gets itchy omg I hope I'm not allergic x_x

That night was pretty insane.
Not saying that the party was good, but the company! I'm so glad we can all click with Alicia's friends and we all definitely had lots of fun. It's the first time the 3 of us clubbed together and I'm sure we will do it again some day HAHAHA. 

I wish the next time we
head to a club again, we would be prepped for it in proper outfits so I can really really party. Lindsay was looking casual, I was obviously looking weird and Alicia was in Nike shoes hahahhahaha we obviously did not plan to party that night at all.

Blogging about this makes me miss
the both of them soooooooooooo much T_T ♥ !!!!! Ahhhhhhhh, think I can totally run to the East side now to find them HAHHAHA. I woke up crazy early the next day to meet up with some Carousell buyers lolol. But I treated myself to good food(I thought it'll be) the next day at Holland V, Craft Bakery Cafe!

Carrot Juice :D

Honestly, I didn't like their food ):
I like their Eggs Benedict though, but definitely not their dessert.... I ordered 'The Tall Cake' from the menu and I was expecting impressive, like a really tall cake or something. But turns out, it was just some ordinary chocolate cake which btw, didn't taste good. Maybe because I'm not a fan out chocolate, but it's really not the best chocolate I've tried. Their ice cream only tasted good along with the choco crisp.

My friend, who tasted it too
didn't like it either. I asked him if he would return back to this cafe for their food, he gave me a straight up 'no'. So yeaaaaaaa, but their service/ambiance/eggs benedict etc are good! Maybe I just ordered the wrong stuffs la!!! Oh ya their Margherita Pizza not very nice also O_O

Also, I actually received
some Ask.FM questions from the same person that night.... honestly speaking, my reaction:

 For your convenience sake,
I've attached screen shots of what the person said on my AskFM: 

First of all, 
I'm definitely grateful towards MousetrapTV and Wah!Banana. I always tell the people around me how much they've helped me. This, I know it myself. I do not need someone out there to tell me how I gained my followers or what I should do. It's just ridiculous. I mean if you think about it, whatever the person said is as good as saying that Mediacorp artistes do not deserve to be who they are today because they received the help of Mediacorp LOLOL.

IF, IF the person is saying that I 
only gained followers because I rely on stupid shoutouts(WHICH I DON'T), then yea I've nothing to say. But the thing is, I WORK HARD for whatever I have today. I work hard in the videos of MousetrapTV AND Wah!Banana. I am extremely thankful that I've met them and that they are the ones who provided me the opportunities to be on their platform.

Do I not work hard for the videos?
Are my efforts not real? You think what, Wah!Banana help me act ah? I don't put a gun to people's head to ask them to follow me ya? Everyone starts from somewhere. This person is indirectly saying that, the Mediacorp artistes, bloggers and YouTubers don't deserve to be who they are today because they rely on others?

If I've to think of someone who
is successful today on social media BY THEMSELVES, it'll be Xiaxue and Xiaxue only. And even she, still thank Nuffnang for helping her. If not, it'll be Steven Lim -_____- 

I don't deny that I was slightly affected.
But come to think of it, I truly worked hard myself and I am never once not thankful for MousetrapTV and Wah!Banana.... And if doing what I love and working hard for myself is still not right, I don't know what is. 

But still, I choose to look on the bright side!
The people who are nice to me and have been around all these while even though I'm a nobody, muaaaaaa!