Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Trick Eye Museum!

I just woke up from my
14 hour sleep and gonna have dinner now! Food is all right in front of me now actually, dad's girlfriend cooked but apparently I don't like any of the dishes. Guess I would have to resort to cup noodles again at night LOLOL. Dad's making me eat the food NOW, so I've to put my lappy away, be right back!

Ok back.
The whole time during dinner all I kept hearing was, "Eat! Eat somemore! Eat! Eat eat eat! Eat so little!" HAHAHHA. Ok anyway, I FINALLY get to visit the Trick Eye Museum few days ago with my long time friend, Rahim!

Fml I just got a shock of my life
because my dad shouted, "EH! Still got soup leh!" LOOOOOOOOL. Sorry I side tracked a little.
I've been dying to visit the Trick Eye Museum, went it first came to Singaapore, I checked out the queue and the waiting hours was SIX. Why the fuck would I want to wait for 6 hours to go into Trick Eye! IT WAS INSANE. But I was so disappointed... I thought I would never get to visit it. 

Trick Eye Museum is generally
small, you would have to know which angle to take your pictures or else it wouldn't look realistic, a bit of cropping and editing here and there is required, you've gotta get used to lots of people looking at you while you pose! There are actually lots of people queuing for each station, so you gotta pose quickly, take your pictures and GO. 

I got pissed off quite a few times
because this group of people from China kept fucking cutting our queues at every station.. Aargh! So anyway just check out the pictures below, I omitted out a few pictures that I think doesn't look very pleasant. So yup!

Rahim! Pull me back up!

Being stuck in a globe is not funny.

Obviously never gonna win this race.

Fishes coming out of their tanks and having to stand on 2 dolphins, insane or what

Just being Spiderman and getting caught by Rahim

How often do you get to ride on the Merlion?

Just stretching and splits (;

HELLO! Where's my halo?! :@

Surprised to see 卖火柴的小女孩. Actually even more surprised to see the donation box at the side LOL.

Trying too hard to be a sleeping mermaid.

The Moon's my best friend :D

Hi puss in boots

"Why am I lepaking with y'all ?!"

Larva x_x

Looking for red riding hood.

Trying to balance myself on a pole and holding another pole is not easy.

Just levitating

T____T On a side note, just imagine tons of people looking at me giving this kind of facial expression and pose while waiting for their turn to take pictures. LOL, can you feel the pressure? And you've to keep retaking if someone decides to photobomb you!

I had to crazy crop this picture because some people decided to photobomb me lol

This reminds me of piranha

Giant snake, no chill!

Officially the T rex's toy

HAHHAHA my friend's a giant!

I remembered science center have something similar right? I had to edit the flooring here!

HAHHAHA I actually did another version with this background of me touching the magician's nose! But too ugly HAHAHHA 

Walking out of the painting!

How romantic to dance with another lady LOL

Wear your pants!

And then finally heading out....
Over all we waited for about
30 minutes in the queue to enter the Trick Eye Museum! Tickets for adults are sold at $25 and I guess it's quite an interesting experience except for the overcrowded and posing in front of people part! It's inevitable I guess, who goes in without posing/taking pictures? Just have to be comfortable with it and expect people to cut your queues. 

Rahim and I headed off to
Maki San at The Cathay because I was crazy craving for it again ♥_♥ !!!! Told ya guys I'm in love with Maki San omggg. This time I combined my original recipe along with Eden's (I took Eden's recipe previously) and whoa omg it sucked. I can never make my Maki as delicious as Eden's!!! Maybe not talented enough HAHA cannot be chef. 

But Maki San is still awesome :D 
Can't wait to go back there again! Definitely gonna cross dress LOLOLOL WTF I typed cross dress because suddenly I received Lindsay's text and it was what I wanted to reply to her HAHHAHA. Ok I mean, definitely gonna go back to Maki San again whether or not to dine in or takeaway :D 

Anyway, previously I blogged
about one of my AskFM questions and then shortly after the next day or so... I received this Facebook message: 

I know this girl personally
and I hope she doesn't mind me sharing this message. Honestly, I nearly cried when I saw her message, I immediately told my friend about it who's beside me and we both felt it was so heart warming... I really wanted to cry because at that point in time it just feels as if, yes I'm not wrong, yes I've been doing the right thing by being myself and yes, there are people out there who sees it.... 

I am extremely thankful for
people like her, taking the effort to let me know and encouraging/supporting me through the little obstacles I meet during my blogging journey. Back then, blogging was such a norm. All I wanted was an outlet to share my thoughts, like a diary. Not sure when but it became pretty twisted, till today, my old blog is still private and I started this new one. 

People judge you everyday. 
REALLY. They just don't say it, you just don't know. Whereas blogging is actually pretty much the same thing, except that you're putting your personality out there FOR people to judge or like you. You receive comments about being you straight up on social media like AskFM. 

I am truly thankful, for everything.
It molds me to who I am today and I'm truly happy (':