Wednesday, 15 October 2014

What's on Wednesday?

Ahhhhh, I'm not sure if this 
is boring Wednesday, chilling Wednesday or just plain lazy Wednesday HAHAHA. I woke up crazy early today, like about 5am or so? According to my friend, I've slept for at least 16 hours, now that's insane! But at least my body clock is seemingly returning back to normal, or else I would have to deal with waking up in the middle of the night again LOL.

I won't say what I've been
up to nowadays YET, but you guys might or might not know soon hahhaha we'll see! Anyway, since I got up this morning, I've packed my room, done my laundry, edited some pictures, fed my qt furball and guess what else I did? I actually played AuditionSEA HAHAHHA OMG. Super old school, I know!

I'm not sure if most of
you know what is it, but it's this online dance game, I've been playing it since I was P6 but I've stopped playing for years now. But recently, not sure why, I've been heading to this LAN shop that I frequent in the past with my friend! I kinda enjoyed it honestly. It reminded me of how carefree those days were and.... It's really just kinda relaxing! So I told my friend, Justin, "Who knows ah, maybe this is our leisure activity again"

'Again' because - My friend Justin,
is actually my 'couple' in the game AuditionSEA since 2010, whom is also my ex and hence we've been heading to LAN shops to play this online game back then! Also, that's almost what we did in the past most of the time and we really had fun. Not that we can go back to having that kind of lifestyle again but well, at least, once in awhile haha. 

Anyway, so I was talking about this AuditionSEA
online game thing. Which led me to my old blog (which is now set on private), I used to update my old blog every single day since 2008 and I just logged in again and guess what I saw below my old blog's bio ...... THIS: 

HAHHAHAHAH FML DON'T JUDGE! I just screen shot this from my old blog to show you guys my AuditionSEA's character.

Yea, this online game was
so involved in my life such that, it was even part of my old blog's bio. My level in the game now is 40 btw. #justsaying HAHAHHA. So back in 2008/9 I've not met Justin who's my first legit bf hahahha omg so much memories!!!! Oh ya I was also contemplating if I should also provide an SS to show you guys my old blog's bio and whoaaaaaaaaa NO WAY AM I GONNA SHOW YOU GUYS RIGHT NOW. It's so funny hahahhaha you wouldn't imagine what I wrote in my old blog's bio O_O

But yea as I was saying,
because I've been contacting Justin again, we somehow went back to playing AuditionSEA at this LAN shop that we used to frequent when we have absolutely nothing to do/pass time/leisure lolol. So just sharing!!!! Can you imagine, I was playing this game when I was supposed to study for my PSLE? Which explains maybe why my PSLE score is only 199 lol. High enough for me already la HAHAHA. 

I know this game thing is really boring,
but it was such a huge part of my life.... I played that game every single day of my life for YEARS. I even spent hundred of dollars in this game for virtual clothes or what not lolol. I even met people through this game whom I still keep in contact with today, I also got myself into trouble a few times with the people in the game lol.... 

Anyway, since it's only 2 plus now 
and I'm only meeting Justin for dinner at 6, I thought I would just blog about good food!!!! I tried this awesome cake from MA MAISON, Bugis + that day and whoaaaaaaaaaaa love it!! 

It's not exactly like a cake-cake,
meaning it's not like sponge cake or anything, or rather it's like apple crumble based or tart-based kind of. But I still absolutely love it! The cream and the strawberries, wah! Heaven LOL. The strawberries are all so sweet and juicy or maybe because I just love strawberries that's why I like it so much. It cost me $8.50, if I didn't remember wrongly! ^^ 

Oh yes btw, I remembered
I was fucking pissed off at one point while I was eating this cake because I read this comment that says I shouldn't be wearing crop tops because I'm FAT. LOL. Anyway I've no idea who's that retard since it's anonymous. LOL, really I'm fat?? SO MEAN LOR. My sadness only lasted like 3 seconds max and the rest of day I was just thinking WHY would someone say I'm fat. I'm not trying to be thick skin but seriously I'm only 34-38kg max lol. 

Moving on~
On the day where I was wearing this above OOTD, I headed to SSC for dinner and settled for this restaurant called Wanchai HK Tea Room, a bit similar to HK cafe I would say, but I swear I tried the right drink. THIS DRINK TASTES SO DAMN GOOD:

The mango whatever drink(can't remember what it's called I'm sorry t_t)

FUCKING GOOD. That's all I can say.

What retards do. HAHAHA kidding. No idea what he was doing, I've a habit of bringing 2 camera lens out that's why lol

This wanton noodle not bad!!!!
Initially when Justin suggested to me that I order the wanton noodle, I still said, "huh then I might as well just go food court eat." LOL. I take back my words!!! It's really not bad, basic veggies with FIVE big fat wanton HAHHAHA. The wanton smells damn good I suspect got pork oil inside hahahha.

I didn't finish everything though.
Not that it's not good but maybe just maybe, I starved the whole day and hence I couldn't finish it at once OR the serving is just really huge. But according to Justin, the serving is just really huge la hahaha. Suddenly I realized I don't have much to blog about already, anyway so I was browsing through my playlist and I was listening to Lorde's music.... 

Am I the only one who's shocked that Lorde is only 17 years old, born 1996? 

Absolutely no offense but,
when I first watched her MV, I think Royals, I thought she looked so.... mature. Like she was in her mid twenties! But I checked out her Instagram afterwards and I realized she does look pretty young in some of her pictures! Haha my bad. 

Anyway, I'm ending this blog post with
old pictures of Justin and I (in 2010) compared to nowwww, don't laugh!

Look at how we were back then in 2010 and.... wtf we were holding hands HAHAHA. I remember I wasn't his gf yet at that point of time. Anyway, this is us, now at 2014 after 4 years LOL: 

Hahahha ok it's really good to just
 share random facts with you guys on my blog every now and then (:
Can't wait to go IKEA and have meatballs later!!!!! Anyway I love you all *: