Saturday, 4 April 2015

Physically tired, mentally perked up.

I can't tell if my mind is at rest state now 
or I'm actually having tons of thoughts but just that they're jumping from one to another real quick. Like thoughts that are completely unrelated to one another and occasionally my mind would be blank for like 3 seconds. O_O 

Imagine me,
 just woke up with bed hair and sitting alone at the dining table in front of my laptop with one leg up on the chair. That's me now. Stunned and unable to properly process anything at all. Occasionally stoning & singing along with whatever song that's playing on my iTunes. With random thoughts flowing all over my mind like: 

Food. Can I not be hungry please? I ate so much food today.
 Blog, yes I wanna blog. But I'm so not awake yet, my mind isn't processing a single shit. 
Fuck, how long is this gonna last? So... it was Good Friday huh? When was the last time
I took note of public holidays for being a student? Aargh. Stupid counsellor from my secondary school back then was such a liar. She promised me not to tell my teachers that I picked up smoking. Are all counsellors like that? How can they just gain your trust, listen to all your stories and then baotoh(sell you out/betray/whatever) you after that?! Acting all so kind in front of you & then go behind your back and tell your teachers that you need help. Lol, that's just fucking disgusting.

Yea, basically that was
my train of thoughts. To be honest, I'm surprised by how I actually really appreciate random thoughts sometimes. As boring & pointless as it may seem, it's so much better in comparison to the daily subconscious incessant worrying of stupid stuffs. You never know what these random 'pointless' thoughts of yours can bring. Who knows, they may provide more insights to your life?

And I'm so glad.
So glad that I can just pen down my thoughts in this little space of mine. In fact, even more elated & thankful to have a friend who's so patient with listening to my nonsense all the time, Brian. Hahaha he's a really nice person. We went to try the food and dessert at Tian Kee & Co the other day! 

Ordered the Ugly Nutella & Rainbow Cheese cake! 
The Ugly Nutella 
cake is extremely rich and creamy in consistency and it's pretty hard for one person to finish one slice IMO!!! And yes, I obviously bought the rainbow cheese cake because of it's appealing outlook hahahha and I actually visited Tian Kee that day because I came across a picture of the cake on Instagram! Super pretty!!!! ♥_♥

Drink - Nut's About U.
If I'm not wrong (the drink featured above),
it's espresso with nutella ice cubes? I'm not very sure. Brian said he was pretty skeptical about it at first but apparently, according to him, it actually tastes really good & pass off well for someone like him who drinks coffee haha. Sometimes I wish I knew how to appreciate coffee like what the fuck is wrong with my taste buds lol. Anyhow, I ordered the 'Hot Pink Lady'!

It's just rose syrup with fresh steamed milk but whoa it's so so good. I love it, thumbs up for this! (I would actually go back for this.)

His side   VS   my side:

 HAHAHHAHA this is just for fun.
Not sure how but halfway through taking pics of the food, I realised how everything he ordered/brought was all very dark whereas my side.... fucking pink and pastel. And I cannot deny that 'his side', somehow just looks way nicer & Instagram worthy. Urgh. 

Ordered Lagsana for myself and it's pretty good! Polished off every bit of the salad though. :D 

Very nostalgic area. (:
It was a great afternoon then,
though we sort of rushed through our lunch because it just so happens that they were closing early that day. And I just wanna say thank you to my friend for visiting Tian Kee & Co with me. I appreciate it so much. Consider yourself lucky if you have a spontaneous friend like I do. You'd enjoy your time with them!
Fast forward to 2 days ago
when I watched FF7 at The Cathay, I didn't sleep at all and went straight for filming right after I got home & washed up in the morning. I swear I was really so tired then. But I had an amazing morning starter so I was definitely mentally perked up, hence the title HAHA. 
Can you not lie on the floor while filming, Fish. 

Lunch with Wah!Banana at two blur guys.

I had peanut butter cake for dessert. Fuck, it's so good. I feel like I've been having a lot of peanut butter desserts recently! 
Group photo with the bananas before I went back home and crashhhhhhhed. Love them all! ♥♥♥

Omfg it's 5am in the morning
already and I still aim to wake up at 9am to run some errands. And I'm fucking hungry now, looks like I have to make do with instant noodles. Okkkkk gotta go and ending this blog post with today's snapchat video below!

That sudden realisation that
I spent at least 6 hours straight in front my laptop thinking about random stuffs, blogging and thinking that I just woke up. Ha! Have a great weekend guys! ♥