Monday, 20 April 2015

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Haven't been updating
this space for quite awhile and I thought I would just post all the pics taken since the start of April all the way till now!!! Meaning, I would only post pictures, my daily snapchat videos and a bit of caption here & there. ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT OK!!! So much more active there!!! But with that being said, I'm warning you that this post is gonna be dreadfully long with tons of pictures and snapchat videos. Let's go! 

Saturday, 4/4/15

I guess one of the shittiest
thing about people taking pics of you is that you can't photoshop your pictures and then post it online after that. I mean of course you can. But imagine photoshopping your face to look extremely chio and you know they have the unphotoshopped version HAHHAHAHA. Unless all your friends photoshop their pics then we'll all post the photoshopped version together la. But the above pics.... Sigh you know what I mean.

Ok so snapchat of that day below!!!

You know how it works.
I would just have the dates mentioned, followed by pictures taken and then I would end it off with the snapchat I took that day. :D 

Monday, 6/4/15

I remember bringing
Brian for churros @ HV that day but it was sold out by 9pm and he only got to try the red velvet drink by Churrosity that I raved about. I really love the red velvet drink!!! You guys should try! Can't exactly remember what we did that day but I remember heading off to orchard (for a movie?) after dinner at Holland V.

And guess what?
I stay pretty near town but the thing is it's crazy because we had no prior knowledge as to how to go about heading home by foot. We were pretty aimless but I have to say Brian is quite good at directions AND WALKING. So after about 1-2 hours we finally reached our place hahhaa.

By then it was really late/early
in the morning and we actually went grocery shopping at 4am!!! Watch snapchat below!

P/S: Yes I know if you're reading this through
mobile, you wouldn't be able to watch the snapchat, I'm so sorry that you can only view it via the web!!! My snapchat not very interesting la just that you watch my life, LIVE HAHAHA. So add me on snapchat ok!!

Tuesday, 7/4/15

Whoa, I said I would
only be adding a bit of caption here and there in this blog post but it appears that I'm typing quite a bit already! You know what they say, when you start doing something, you can't stop.

Went to watch standup comedy that day!!!
IT WAS REALLY REALLY GOOD. We had to get our 'chop' on our wrist and all some more!!! Anyway if you're heading to the same place for standup comedy, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AT LEAST 4 PAX I SWEAR. We went that day and because we were short of one person to make it 4 pax, we had to stand and weren't allowed to have a table. ):

I really think watching standup comedy
would be so much better only if you can sit down, chill and order a few snacks etc. We left after their first break because we really didn't want to stand. The entry ticket is $15 including beer I think. Really worth it!

Yes, keep this coupon for beer. Haha

And you know where I went after that. (:

We were pretty famished
after chilling by the merlion and decided to settle for OverEasy. Just as when we were about to make our order, the waiter said, "Oops, didn't anyone tell you guys that the kitchen's closed already?"

Yes, fuck our lives. That's exactly his reaction because he was so ready to cut the steak lol. 
The waiter then told us
that the nearest place to have food then was Macdonald's and why would I wanna have macs when I'm out already? Lacking options and having sweechoon closed, we decided to head to Geylang to have 126 Dimsum! We ordered 2 table worth of food and had such a good good meal. Missing it already!

That's right. Played sparklers that night after walking my dog hahaha. We got the sparklers from grocery shopping on Monday!

Cannot explain to you
 how happy I was. My happiness meter must have hit the top and overflowed. What are the chances of meeting someone who's always so open, spontaneous and ever ready to do whatever you want or try something new? Without judging. Without hesitating. Without questioning.

Just in case you're wondering,
nope. I am most definitely not referring to playing of sparklers. Anybody can play sparklers with you if they want to. Though this is the catalyst of why I started thinking and realised how very very blessed I am to meet someone like him. So thankful to have him around for just about everything. You won't be able to imagine it. I really like having him around. (:

Ok!!! Snapchat that day:

Wednesday, 8/4/15

On this day, I headed to Vanilla Cafe & Bar for dinner with my sister and she brought baby Jayzel along!!! Insanely adorable. ♥♥♥

Soup and spam fries is really good! Brian's main dish is very good as well according to him. Forgotten what he ordered but you can try zooming into his pasta and try to make a guess hahaha

FYI, I choose to have
dinner over at Vanilla Cafe & Bar that day because of their ever famous 'plant' dessert. Honestly not very fantastic to me but some people really really like it! I looooooove their creativity though. Wish they had more of these but with more variety of flavours etc! And come to think of it, I remember them telling me that their kitchen was closed as well and whoa both Brian and I felt so damn horrible.

It was exactly like what we
experienced at OverEasy! We already knew what to order and the person just told us kitchen's closed. But the person who served us was so so kind to ask the kitchen to close a bit later for us. We were the only customers there btw. Maybe because we went on a weekday plus it was kinda late! Also, I have to say their service is extremely good. (The person who served us is just kind.)

I decided to spend some
time with both my sister and her husband that day and I'm so glad I did. I love them both so much and they treat me so well. People are so kind to me and I'm extremely thankful. (': Though a friend once mentioned that people are usually kind towards you mostly because you are kind to them. What's your take?

Snapchat taken that day:

Thursday, 9/4/15

The day I took my DW watch AD!!
I really like the watch even though I'm not exactly a 'watch person'. Am wondering if I should get the light brown leather strap!! Anyway, I was at Fresh Fruits Lab Cafe that day with Lindsay and yes, it's been a crazy long time since we last met each other but no, we did not fell out or anything like that. (To the person who always ask me on my askfm if there's anything wrong between Lindsay and I.)

I actually ordered 
the cakes mainly for picture purposes only LOL. But I'm glad I ordered my rainbow cake!!! It's pretty tasty! Main course serving is crazy huge, lady boss still asked if we would be able to finish everything hahaha. 

In the cab sending Lindsay home before heading off to Alicia's place!!! ^^

Cannot stop posing with the watch, I cannot take it. Also, let's take a moment to imagine if I have short hair like the picture. O_O Oh god, I was telling Lindsay I would look so fucking ugly. 

Caught off guard by Lindsay hahahhaha
 photo output_PRzwoH_zpszp2bdj6p.gif

Met Alicia over at her place
and took quite a number of pictures by evening! I remember being crazy happy that day because I got to eat home-cooked food. Alicia's mom cooked ABC soup and some other dishes that night and I'm so thankful and glad that she asked me to join them for dinner. I had 2 bowls of rice, 2 bowls of soup and finished all their dishes after everyone had their share. I'm so sorry but I simply couldn't resist!

It's so good to spend time with Alicia.
I'm missing her right now already! She's suffering from bad migraine lately and I wish she'd recover soon so she can take more pics for me HAHHAHAH ok kidding. Thank you Alicia and Lindsay for taking pics for me that day ok!!!! ♥♥♥♥ 
We wanted to visit Jayzel
that day I remember, since Alicia loves babies and all LOL. No doubt she finds my niece, Jayzel cute too! But I ended up rushing off to watch Cinderella again at City Square HAHHA. And apparently, no snapchat that day. Oh wait!! I tried Milk & Honey yogurt that day and whoa, so on point! Ok moving on! 

Friday, 10/4/15

According to my snapchat,
Brian successfully tried churros from Churrosity. I was so mad because he said Spanish Doughnuts is nicer which I disagree. Went home after dinner. Is this considered the 'meh' and boring day because I was still happy though not much of a activity at all. I bought my favourite lipstick. Felt a little down at the same time because Brian was sick af and had to rest. LOL I'm damn selfish.

It was also that day that
I was wondering if I should go for lash extension. It's so sad that I can only achieve visible lashes by applying mascara. Should I?

Saturday, 11/4/15

Yes, got myself a new phone
casing from Studio K!!! It's a 'wine glass' phone casing and it's really quirky! I remember leaving the house and my bro was really shocked because I told him I was actually gonna attend a charity dinner in behalf of our father since he was out of town. Naturally after the dinner, I took photos with my father's friend just so I can show it to my father when he return to Singapore HAHAHA. 

Ok, selfie with father's friend!!

It was seriously dead fucking funny at the start. Because I was allowed to bring a partner along, I brought Brian. Who else would I bring lol. Funny thing was that, we were almost the only 'younger people' there and it was so awkward. Both of us couldn't help but to chuckle to ourselves for a bit.

I noticed some of the 'elderlies' sitting
with us sort of dissed and thinks we are simply disrespectful and not suited to be here because we weren't paying attention to the speeches and will never understand the importance of charity. Truth to be told, I was pretty bothered by it. After all, I was representing my father and really wouldn't like people to think I'm disrespectful and shallow.

At the same time, I can't fathom why they had such reaction towards us.
Surely most of them are there for the food only? I get that people donate sums of money to be there. But are you not there to eat the food??? I was in fact listening to the speeches occasionally and fully processing it while I was eating. Sometimes I just don't turn to watch because my seat wasn't positioned to face the stage. Who's able to listen to ALL speeches fully and eat at the same time? Pretty sure some of them just sit there and pretend to listen as well. Just don't get why some have to act like they're more superior with more authority.

For a moment I felt
a little sad. Like we were obligated to just sit there with a poker face. It would be so much better if everyone else were to be less uptight. Thank god one of them spoke and joked with us though! Snapchat that day:

Thank you for being my partner of the night, Brian!

Sunday, 12/4/15

By the time we got to take pics of our Honey Creme, my candy floss and everything else melted already!

We roamed all around town!
People looking at Brian like he's an asshole because he was cycling while I was walking. When in fact it was because there wasn't any smaller bike that suited my height hahaha. I went to Ion to get some makeup while he rode bicycle all around town in THAT outfit. Looking cute though! We had sushi for dinner, Honey Kreme for dessert and most definitely went for a swim after that.

With this view,
it definitely wasn't a swim. I remember that night to be extremely breezy and chilly. We just went for a quick dip and chatted for a bit. Why do I feel like it's been ages since I last had in-depth conversations with Brian? It is pretty insane to blog about this entire month and recalling all that I had done with the aid of some pictures & videos.

It is extremely overwhelming
 to have flashbacks of the stuffs I did, the conversations I had with people and so much more. It is so scary to realise I've actually forgotten so much when I thought I was pretty good at remembering. So sad isn't it? That people often forget; neglect and hence fail to cherish. Ahh thoughts aside, snapchat that day: 

Oh right. Apparently my snapchat
above shows that we actually went gym at fucking 4am in the morning HAHAHA. I suppose life is just unpredictable that way. Embracing it!

Thursday, 16/4/15

16th April.
I consider this day to be one of the most fulfilling days in the month of April so far.
I had the privilege to spend some time with yet another amazing person on earth. I received two very valuable gifts, not in terms of monetary but the thought and effort behind it. We had so much fun together. I really love this day.

No need for words. (': 

Again, can we please take a moment to look at how pretty Brian look in this picture? Let's mentally cross-dress him and enjoy the process. I honestly think he can easily pass off as a girl with the necessary props lol. 

 photo 4d9c5b80c8e4013202b8723c91561e03_zps0ikwgr7e.gif

Hahaha and I love this gif.
We tried the 'not my arms' challenge and it was so funny! Snapchat that day:

Saturday, 18/4/15

Aargh, this one.
Ridiculous day!!!! I headed out to meet Brian at town and what the fuck he smashed an ice-cream cone on my forehead so I could be a unicorn. You're so screwed, Brian. I need my revenge. The video was uploaded on my Instagram too btw!!!! But if you're using web and have not watched the video, you can watch it here below:

Ending off this crazy lengthy
blog post with today's snapchat! So glad I stopped being lazy and decided to blog today. Though chances of people reading this post is really slim. But can I just say I really want to share my moments with y'all?! T_T

Gotta wake up early later and head for my first IPL treatment with a new sponsor. Can't wait! ♥