Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Pastel Galaxy Nails

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Ohhhhhh good day earthlings!!!!!!!
Cannot believe I'm actually basking in happiness at 6am in the morning and I just have to blog about it. Truth to be told, I'm exhausted as hell right now. What to do? I'm revelling in my new set of gelish nails and I'm loving it more every second! Ok, before anything else, just allow me to quickly post a chio happy pic of myself below HAHAHA.

This, is of course a sponsored
post. I'm sure you noticed! Despite that, please do not give less fucks to this post or it'll never do justice to my manicurist, @shiningnails. Firstly, I've to apologise for being a shallow person. Initially I had doubts about my manicurist. Why? Because it's a home-based salon. Many have this misconception that home-based salons are not as good as the nail parlours out there, including me. (Please read on and forgive me.)

Today, I'm telling you that it is NOT TRUE.
It goes without saying that there are certainly home-based salons out there that are not as professional and skilful as those of established nail parlours. But I take my hats off to my nail sponsor because I completely underestimated her as a professional manicurist! I reached her place without knowing what I want and all I told her was that I wanted something pastel, minimal dramatic huge blings and a touch of marble galaxy.

She was really attentive and voila! I got exactly what I asked for! ♥

It was such a pleasant
experience and I honestly can't wait to return to get my nails done by her already! I have to say, she was really precise and meticulous with her nail art and I'm absolutely amazed by how comfortable it was when she started removing my nail cuticles as she was so quick at it! Just in case you're wondering about the environment, it is nicely furnished and a little Liz Lisa themed. I kinda regret not taking pictures of the place and would do so the next time I'm there!! ^^

So you may ask, are the nail designs very limited since it's a home-based salon? 

No. In fact, I told Shining
that it is very risky of her to start a home salon because she've got a wide selection of everything! From nail colours to designs to the 'blings' and even customised 3D nail art! Not to mention, Shining is actually a certified mani/pedi instructor and uses a really good brand of LED lamp for gelish nails which easily cost her $400. (I was kpo so I asked HAHA.) With that being said, you can already imagine how nice it'll be to get our nails done by her. :D 

 I got home crazy happy
that day and started sending pics of my nails to my friends HAHAHA and I'm glad they all love it as much as I do!! Oh and my sister actually complimented my nails on the very same day, I was taken aback because she's someone with high expectations and I never expected her to grab my hands and say, "Eh? You do your nails already ah?! Nice leh!!!" Whoaaaaa I swear that made me even happier than I already was. T_T ♥♥♥

Here's a discount code exclusively for you guys!! Quote my name to receive 10% OFF nail art prices! ♥

I strongly encourage
you guys to check out Shining Nails on Instagram so you can see her work for yourself. Don't miss out the blinking lights and cute hello kitty water globes though! (YES YOU CAN ATTACH BLINKING LIGHTS AND HK WATER GLOBES ON YOUR NAILS OMG)

Just in case you're wondering,
my set of gelish nails would cost around $75 and you can book an appointment with her at 8339 8640. She's located at Woodlands and although I don't live nearby, I was surprised by how easy it was to get there via public transport without getting lost! Considering the fact that I'm a direction idiot HAHA.

For your convenience sake,
you can click HERE for their Instagram page and HERE for their Facebook page. Their basic price list is as follows:

Classic Gelish Manicure at $35
Express Pedicure $10
Extension $80 onwards

Thank you Shining! I'm so satisfied with your work! T_T
Whoa ok it feels so good to just blog about everything I wanna say here with happy vibes. :D Have a great great week ahead guys! ♥

Let me just end this blog post with yet another picture of myself with pretty nails ok. And if you're bored, re-read this post. :D