Sunday, 3 May 2015

Crazy tired.

Am insanely exhausted right now!
Reached home not long ago and really really wanna blog but I haven't had enough rest the past few days at all. T_T I've been sleeping for a few hours each day and urgh I guess I just need to crash right now unless there's food or sex for me then maybe I'd feel all energetic again LOL.

I just set an alarm at 9am. Hopefully I would wake up at 9am to blog later. :D 
Goodnight!!! Random posts like this makes me feel so happy and contented. Anyway I know I would probably only sleep like 3 hours later lol. Happens all the time.

UPDATE: This post looks boring AF HAHAHHA. Ok am listening
to this song right now and I find it really really nice, it's right below! Super pleasing to the ears, listen to it if you want to! Or watch my snapchat video @chrysanlee if you wanna use your eye power lol. My snapchat story is crazy long today. KKK BYE!!!