Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Everyone you meet is unique.

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Why are we so fragile?
You know... I always have tons of questions in my head that goes unanswered. Sometimes, I try not to think about it. But sometimes, they resurface. At this point, 3:40am in the morning, I feel like tearing. It is not the sad kind. It is not me wallowing in self-pity. It is not me lamenting at the fact that life is just not fair. 

It is me reminiscing. 
Looking back at all the memories I had with the different people who were once so close and dear to me. All the laughter we had and the memories we shared. How we gained and lost it all. How they brought so much joy in my life, so much knowledge and love but they are all now... almost gone. 

Funny how at this moment
I feel like crying, yet I don't feel a tad bit heavy-hearted at all. It is almost like a relieve, to feel thankful, to see how far I've learned from each and everyone of them. To see how much I've grown along with the people around me. Very often than not, the people we meet and the experiences that they provide us actually moulds us to who we are today. We are so ever-changing. And the changes can be so quick and minute that we don't even notice it.

Looking back at old
relationships and friendships reminds me of how beautiful those memories actually are. We were all very happy at one point. You might be reminded of a person and the most random stuffs would cross your mind. It could be the senseless banter, it could be the silence between the both of you and it could even be the weather on one of those days when you were with them.

It could be anything that made the both of you happy, you see.

I always like to reminisce
and re-experience old memories when things get a little mundane or stale. It reminds me of the very beginning. It reminds me of why I was so attracted to this person, why I enjoyed spending so much time with him or her and even how special he/she was, that we chose to keep them close to us. But sometimes people can get so used a person's company that whatever the person say or do begins to fade and slide. The things they say starts to lose it's weight and meaning over-time and we have the fucking nerve to think that they're boring us out?

Because in fact, they're
really just as unique and interesting as before. We fail to see that because they're so close to us and we get used to having them around. And because we spend so much time with them, we think that they're always gonna be there. We fail to realise that we actually possess something so valuable and special. We are the ones who are privileged enough to keep them by our side. Did it ever occur to you that others might not even be as lucky as us, to have people they like to be by them? Who are we, to selfishly keep people by our side if we're not gonna cherish them like how we did at the start?

I just feel that many times
when we think that our relationship with people starts to get stale, it is because we are no longer attentive to all the little details. Or maybe, it is because you no longer feel the 'freshness' of it. That's when you have to tell yourself to look back. I strongly believe that people have to look back once in awhile to see how things have become. You'd be surprised by all the little things that you miss about one another. You never know what takeaway you might have at the end of the day by doing so.

Everyone we meet is unique to our hearts.
I realise that there's no such thing as a replacement of somebody in doing something. Everyone has their own spot in us. Even if they no longer exist. Even if we hate them to the bone. Even if they're the ones who broke us apart. They still have their spot, no matter what.

Ok just gonna randomly
insert the song that I'm listening to here:

Anyhow, my friend offered
to talk to me earlier on because he sensed that I was feeling low. Human instincts can sure be very strong huh? I told him about how I feel that there's actually no strong man. There are people who can be mentally strong for decades. There are also people who seem optimistic and spread positive vibes to others everyday. But when these people gets hurt by their loved ones, they too, fall. Their world and their 'positive-mind' could crumble into pieces in a matter of seconds.

I feel that we are all
actually very fragile and vulnerable inside and there is no strong man.

And that's when he said,
"When we give people the ability to feed us, we give them the ability to break us."