Thursday, 21 May 2015

Japan IPL Express x Giveaway! ♥

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YES!!! I'm so elated
because I've finally gotten the opportunity to remove body hair painlessly and effectively. I bet most of you already know what I'm referring to. It is none other than, the IPL treatment! So what's IPL and how does it work? 

IPL stands for - Intense Pulse Light.
It is a treatment most commonly used for hair removal and whitening! As for how IPL works, I've googled it and it's all in boring medical terms which I believe you do not want to waste time comprehending. So I'm just gonna sum it up, tell you in simpler terms & walk you through my very first IPL treatment accompanied with cute pictures HAHAHA. (Thick skin award goes to me.)

Ok basically, light is applied 
to our skin that kills the hair-producing cells which greatly reduces and slows down hair growth. In other words, you'd be hairless after about 6-8 sessions of IPL & would only need to return for touch-ups once a year to stay hairless with smooth skin! Some more it's super affordable at Japan IPL Express, so super good deal what!! :D


Me arriving at Japan IPL Express along side with Maggie, one of the beauticians over at the Holland Village outlet! :D 

Changed into their gown in one of the rooms ready for my very first IPL treatment, WEEEEE! Omfg, why am I feeling so happy & excited while typing this.

This picture does not mean anything but alright at least you get a close-up pic of me HAHAHA. 

Maggie patiently explaining to me about the IPL machine while Glaiza, another beautician snap pics for me, THEY ARE ALL SO KIND. T_T ♥

Close-up pic of the IPL machine to satisfy your curiosity. 

Me being excited and scaredy cat before the treatment lol, don't blame me, it's my virgin IPL experience 好不好!


In case you're wondering,
I decided to go for face whitening and hair removal for the underarms, upper lip and brazilian area. HOHOHO YES, THE BRAZILIAN AREA HAHAHA. Nobody likes stubbles from shaving or the hassle to wax every few days right?! IPL is obviously a better option because why go through the trouble when you can just IPL once a month and yearly after that?! PLUS DID YOU KNOW, the IPL treatment also naturally lightens the skin as well?!!! Omg I sound like a kiasu auntie now, please bear with me!

I have to admit that
I felt damn scared before the treatment because it's so foreign to me! And I have incessant thoughts running through my mind like, fuck is this gonna hurt, how long is it gonna take but surprisingly, it didn't hurt at all! Although I cannot deny that I was shocked a few times because IPL is by per shot and there's this *snap* sound every time Maggie shoots the light onto my skin HAHAHA. 

If you don't get what I mean, watch this GIF below:
 photo bloggif_55428b0608b41_zpsvsiejqig.gif
(Video credited to Japan IPL Express' YouTube Channel.)

Apart from the light
and snapping sound, everything else was alright. I can say it's almost painless and you can totally believe me cuz I've zero tolerance for pain HAHAHA. However, there might be some discomfort for the more sensitive areas like the brazilian. But can I just say the brazilian area was the most 'no-kick' one for me?! (No pun intended!!)

In any case if you're
still afraid of the heat, which is comfortable in my opinion, you can always request for cooling gel!
You can imagine how quick the entire process was for me because when Maggie was done with my session I went like, "Huh? Done already ah?" I honestly think people can just walk in to to do hair removal or skin whitening anytime. After all, no bookings required and you can also apply makeup right after! And here's a picture of my skin one week after the skin whitening treatment, yes I wore the same top:

I can tell you honestly
that I'm not sure if my skin is more radiant/fairer now. I believe I need more sessions to see significant results. But it is indeed true that the picture above is taken one week after my first whitening session with them. Now, here's one thing that I like about Japan IPL Express and why I'm so willing to collaborate with them and I would like you guys to know.

When I first met
Joyce, their marketing executive for this sponsorship deal, she actually emphasised to me that she wants my review to be genuine and truthful. They do not want to make bloggers lie about their service and all that crap. For that, I am in turn, extremely willing to do this blog post though at that point of time in my mind I was like, "yeah of course I will be truthful, 才不要被天打雷劈!" HAHAHA. Let's take a moment to appreciate them for being so ethical and professional. (:


Yes! All of the above done in less than 30 minutes! :D 

Oh god and please allow me to use like 5 seconds now to celebrate the fact that I don't have tiny hairs on my upper lip hehe 

Overall, my experience with
Japan IPL Express is superb. It's been a week plus since the treatment and I have NO side effects or any form of discomfort so far. I noticed that my body hair grow crazy slow and shockingly significantly less hair-growth on the treated spots. I'm pretty sure I'm not mind-fucking myself, after all, I took over a week to observe my hair growth! With such significant results after one session, I must say I'm absolutely impressed.

And as far as I know,
IPL is actually a very safe procedure since it's non-invasive plus almost everyone go for it nowadays! I felt like a mountain tortoise when I told Joyce I've never done IPL the first time I met her. So if you're like me, DON'T WORRY I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL HAHAHA.

Now that you understand
what's IPL and how it works, I have a GIVEAWAY for you!!! :D

I will pick 3 lucky winners to receive 50 FREE IPL shots from Japan IPL Express! ^^ ♥

All you need to do is,
follow @japaniplexpress on Instagram and like their Facebook page HERE.
Once you're done, printscreen it and send the screenshots to my email at chrysanlee@live.com.
I would pick 3 lucky winners by 4th June 2015 and mail it to your place!

Once again, thank you Japan IPL Express for such a wonderful experience. Maggie and Glaiza too!!! Thank you so much for being patient with me when I asked questions about IPL non-stop hehe. ♥♥♥

Ending this blog post
with an answer to your burning question in mind, how much is the IPL treatment and how many shots do you need for different areas?

Here's a rough guideline to how many shots you need for different areas. 

I told you it's crazy affordable, you only pay for what you need! 99 cents per shot if you're a student and $1.98 if you're not. O_O

If this is not affordable
for painless hair removal and whitening, I really don't know what is. I cannot believe that people are actually missing this out. If I knew before they approached me, I swear I go with Alicia already LOL. Anyway, they also have more promotions/packages going on, you can go on to their Facebook page for more info or simply ring them up!

They have two outlets at:

Somerset MRT, B1-04
(Beside ticketing office) Tel: 6836 0550


Holland Village MRT, B1-02
(Tap out can see already) Tel: 6884 4050

Alright okay, I'm so long-winded.
The discount code for Japan IPL Express will be up soon so do wait for it! Feel free to ask me
any questions regarding the IPL on my ask.fm okay!!! Gotta go now, ciao! ♥

UPDATE: You can now quote 'Chrysan10' and receive 10 IPL shots for FREE!!!! :D