Monday, 11 May 2015


I feel like taking my own sweet time to blog today.
What am I talking about? I almost always do. Just had a really refreshing shower, did my skin and haircare routine. I should probably start writing down the things I need to buy so I won't keep forgetting about getting them, but I guess I would do that after I blog. Sleepy, but still really want to blog. And apparently, it feels sooooo relaxing to do so. Maybe because I know I have all the time in the world to do so and I can just crash right after blogging without bright sunlight shining & piercing  through my windows thanks to B, yay! :D

Urgh fuck.
I'm having a throbbing headache now, what a bad timing?!?!!! Ok persevere. Throwback to the day I went to Nineties Studio with the furball!!!! I label my dog 'furball' online just so people can remember it easily because he's just one fucking fluff of fur plus it's sounds so much nicer than to what we call him in RL. His actual name is ah boy. Don't ask why we named him that hahaha, had a loose screw I think.

Took my OOTD that day in Nineties Studio! ♥

 photo bloggif_554fc9f8b6d72_zpsdw1qeoqc.gif
And yes, I nearly fell off the chair.

When I was on the way to NS with my furball! :D 

Furball was afraid of the cabbie
at first and I actually felt crazy excited to bring him out that day! I find it hard to bring him around in Singapore without a car and it's been ages since I brought him out of the neighbourhood... It's even sadder that we used to bring him to parks and beaches but no longer do so. Anyhow, I was pretty afraid to handle him alone. After all, I've never brought him out (excluding walks) alone before and the thought of him getting injured or feeling afraid etc really really worries me!!!

It's like you just have
to protect this little one because he's just so dear to you and if he's feeling tensed up, you start to get worried like omfg distress call for myself please, I need to save him. Worries aside, I was extremely elated to see furball wagging his tail the whole time in the cab knowing he'd have some fun that day. I kept snap-chatting and took plenty pictures of him and I especially loved how he occasionally looked out of the window out of curiosity. Him being curious is definitely the cutest. (':

Arrived at Nineties Studio with Alicia and Cherie! Immediately made Alicia take this pic so I can update furball's Instagram  HAHAHA.

Just in case you don't know,
Nineties Studio is actually by Ninthstore and also related to Alicia which is why Cherie and I got invited to the studio for some video shoot that day. I don't like the sound of it, 'video shoot'. I mean, it really didn't felt like I was doing any 'work' at all?! In fact, all of us had abundance of fun and it's so nice to be able to spend time with the both of them again. Not to mention, furball was such a joy to everyone else there. :D

*Gonna randomly insert a GIF of myself here again.*

 photo bloggif_554fc9b94a311_zps743anjm3.gif

Before the shoot and Cherie drawing eyeliner for Alicia. :D 

Exposing ugly unglam pictures of Alicia on my blog since 239847928374 years ago. It didn't take her long to realise that I'm taking pics of her HAHHA. "Is Chrysan taking pics of me?!" There goes the middle finger HAHHAA aww I love you baby. ♥♥♥♥ 

Anyway I think this is
one of my 'laziest' posts ever? The pics here are gonna be pretty half-fucked. Some filtered, some not. Some photoshopped, some not. Bear with it, I guess this is the beauty of having a blog after all? Doesn't matter what you write, doesn't matter what you post, this is your space and you do whatever the fuck you want with it. Candid. Ok not really HAHAHA.

Oh god, I just watched
Alicia's snapchat and found out she had crabs at Jalan Besar today?!?!!! SO JEALOUS AND HUNGRY NOW. T_T Okkkk later I cook instant noodles for myself lol. Or maybe baked lagsana or mug cake.

Is it somebody younger but sooooo much taller than me? Lesson learned, life is not fair. Never gonna be... Ok since it's unfair for everyone is sort of makes it fair too. What a sudden thought triggered by just one picture. Cherie! ♥ 

Favorite xxxxx ♥♥♥♥ 

Always take a selfie because you can always post it on your blog and hope somebody come forward to tell you you look beautiful hahhaha ok just kidding. Nineties Studio have so many cute props and this hairband with cat ears belongs to them. :D 

#ForcedSelfie #WhatToDo #ShittyOwner #GiveMeMyBreakfastInsteadBitch 

Hahahaha furball had his breakfast in Nineties Studio/Office that day! Thank you so much for allowing him to use the plate & bowl, NS!!! T_T ♥ It's pretty darn cute to see him eat from a human plate and drink from a metal bowl that's bigger than his face hahaha 

 photo bloggif_554fc93e4b4c2_zpsz1xjzm2q.gif
I was talking to Cherie and she would just snapchat me out of nowhere HAHAHA my face caught off guard 

And yay starting our shoot and Alicia suggested to let furball try the specs hahaha lol so cute. ♥♥♥♥


PLEASE IGNORE MY FACE FOR THIS ONE. Viewer discretion is advised lolol.  

Furball tryna catch his treat, which he did after a few times hahahaha aww qt

Anyway it's so cute when we saw little paw marks on the studio back drop LOL!!!! So next time if you happen to drop by NS and see a paw mark it probably belongs to him.  

Furball snoozes around the studio during the shoot from time to time hehe ♥♥♥

I really feel so fucking
happy every time I go through the pics I took with furball over at Nineties Studio. Alicia said I looked so happy and I really was. Just really really want to say thank you to Nineties Studio for inviting furball and I for this shoot for your opening!!! T_T ♥♥♥

Spot my shadow!  

The three of us went around
the studio area to take some pictures after the shoot and I had to leave furball in the studio since it's pretty dangerous to bring him around while because who's gonna attend and take care of him when we'd be busy snapping pics? Especially not when he's unfamiliar with the place. Got Cherie to return to the studio first once she finished taking her pics and she sent me videos and pictures of furball whining and walking back and forth in front of the studio door waiting for me to return. So poor thing fml. T_T ♥♥♥♥

By the time we finished taking
our own pictures, it was already 7plus at night and we were famished! Decided to just carry our 大包小包 and go have dinner somewhere nearby the studio and passed sooooo many food places... But we ended up with takeaways and headed back to the studio/office to eat so it's more comfortable for my dog hahaha. Thank you, you both for being so kind to walk back to the office for him. :D

And since we had the whole office
to ourselves, we stayed there till late and took crazy amount of pictures together! I loved every single picture taken. We looked so happy. Or at least I do HAHAHA. It's been quite some time since I felt so much for pictures. After all, we take pictures all the time and very often than not, they are just meaningless OOTD shots. #SadTruth


Oh look at the metal bowl behind, it's the one that furball drank from when we were at the office hahaha

Left furball to Alicia to handle while I waited for my cab to arrive. So much love for this picture. ♥♥♥ It's so sweet to know your friends love & dote on your pet almost as much as you do. 

Oh, before I move on to the next day,
here's just something that I snap-chatted below and I'm so fond of it. (':


Ok so I suppose I had
sufficient sleep that night and headed out with my friend the next day! Mainly to take some pictures for an AD and whoa I looooooooved every bit of my outfit that day, especially the outerwear that I was wearing! It's so fucking comfortable and you can only imagine how laid-back I felt in it. You know what you wear sort of affects your mood and your vibe kinda thing? It's definitely true.

Outerwear is from Ninthstore, thank you so so much NS!!!! REALLY, REALLY, LOVE IT. :D ♥

Took a few hours
to take some shots and treated my friend, Taki to Genki Sushi! Thank you for helping me take my pictures, Taki!!!! Means a lot to me. :D

I remembered the Chawanmushi was damn on point that day. Everything tasted so damn good. 

Favorite Agadashi Tofu!!! T_T

I would have Genki Sushi
frequently if I'm rich lol. It's not super pricey but it's not that I'm capable of having Genki everyday HAHAHHA. Anyway, speaking of Agadashi Tofu, I actually really wanna go have dinner at Tonkichi @ Taka real soon!!! Because it lies the legit legendary Agadashi Tofu. O_O

Ok, nonsense aside, selfie again. 


We decided to chit chat for awhile at Coffee Bean! I loooooove the hot vanilla from CB OMG LOL SO VULGAR

Had crepes and watched Helios at The Cathay with another friend once I was done with everything. Enjoyed every single second of it. 

Wanted to continue
blogging about this one other day but suddenly... I just feel the urge to write down how thankful I am for his existence. Know that I'm always extremely happy and thankful to have you around even though I don't say it very often. I'm indeed very lucky.

Just realised my headache's completely gone. So happy, ciao! :D