Wednesday, 17 June 2015


MUAHHAHAHA it's been such a great day for me! :D
I have no idea why, but it seems like I'm in a really good mood today! I've been laughing and smiling a lot hahahha which explains the title! Omg I'm so distracted by the song I'm listening to right now!!!! Will embed it at the end of the blog post later!!! 

So, I didn't really do much today.
I woke up in the late afternoon probably around 4 plus 5, had a great 'morning starter' and an amazing hot shower. Felt squeaky clean all over!!! :D The moment I got out of shower, he made FUCKING NUTELLA BROWNIES AND LIKE WHOAAAAAAAA WHEN DID YOU DO THAT. (Obviously when I shower.) What can I say? TASTY, really good and I love it. 

Picture grabbed from my snapchat @chrysanlee 

I couldn't stop singing 
praises of how tasty the Nutella brownies were and it definitely played a part in making my day so much better. :D (I noticed that this is by far, already the third smiley face I've typed in this blog post. I need to stop.) I just lazed around all day with someone amazing and decided to head out for some dinner and movie at Bugis!!!

P/S: I hate my laugh lines, if I'm not lazy right now I would photoshop it away for you guys to compare with this original pic. Removing laugh lines makes you look a hell lot younger.

Anyway, we sneaked
'street food' and Tori-Q lunch box into the cinemas. God, I'm so sorry for being so inconsiderate but seriously don't tell me you've not done that once in your entire life!!!! Confirm have one lor!!! Like AT LEAST ONCE or all the time hahahaha. And honeydew milk too fml. I don't know like this seems like a super inconsiderate act but it was one of my simply joys of the day too. To be able to eat nice food and laze in the cinemas watching some fucking funny show.

We went into the wrong hall and had no idea until "INSIDIOUS 3" popped up on the screen. WE WERE LIKE WHAT THE FUCK, ISN'T THIS HALL SUPPOSE TO SCREEN 'SPY'?! HOW COME IT'S INSIDIOUS THREE? So we quickly left and went to look for the right hall hahhaha well, two idiots catching a movie. It happens!

And you know since
'SPY' is such a hilarious and catchy movie, I couldn't stop laughing in the cinemas and it amplified my emotions that day. Happy becomes happier. For the rest of the night I felt exultant and extremely ecstatic! Even my actions looked... dramatised. Whoa I felt like I couldn't be tamed I tell you. I kept going on and on about the movie, it was EXTREMELY entertaining, plot was AMAZING AF, not one boring moment and all the characters in the movie was very very prominent and outstanding.

Really, you guys gotta watch it to know.
I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU GUYS TO CATCH IT PLEASE. Don't pin high hopes though, because what's funny to me probably isn't funny to you. Maybe I was just blinded and too caught up with my happy vibes but everyone else in the cinemas were laughing the fuck out too and it makes me so happy! Like everyone is letting loose and enjoying themselves. Simple things like this really makes my day. Anyway, the other day I also watched The Road Within and Jurassic World, CRAZY fantastic also!!! :D 

The Road Within is
actually a very in-depth and emotional movie, but I don't think everyone would appreciate it. Jurassic World is highly praised and it's really good too. Pretty futuristic and out of the box. Eh but really SPY is FANTASTIC LA I SWEAR HAHAHA. I can watch SPY all over again now it's completely cool with me. Aargh, my lower back hurts now. Not because of my backache but because I accidentally scratched my back against one of the cinema seats today... Totally forgotten about it until I adjusted my sitting position to blog comfortably then whoa, my shirt rubbed against the wound and this stinging pain just won't go away. 

Anyway come to think of it,
that's all I've done today. Very simple but filled with absolute immeasurable amount of happiness that's filling to the brim and overflowing, I would say. I thank good company and I feel absolutely blessed for the people around me. How can my day get any better without them? Now I'm just stoning and in a dilemma if I should smoke or take a dump. Eat brownies or sleep. Today's good and I hope yours is just as amazing. :D

I feel like I'm giving a nonsensical speech
anyway because I just wanna thank this space and whoever that's reading this little boring post of mine. Thank you for reading = listening to my senseless thoughts and boring days. Through all my simple joys and difficult times. I love you! Anyway as promised, this was the song that was distracting me from the start.

This duet is fucking perfect,
they should make and have an official studio cover of that song. Or do they already have it?!

Anyway, I'm ending this blog post
with tonight's snapchat story video because my friend took a damn fugly picture of me earlier on hahhaha and it's on!!!!!