Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Little tint of Ash.

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Hello hello!
Omg. How long has it been?!?!! It's been over half a month since I last updated this space!! I cannot deny that I've been NOT busy but lazy lately hahahhaha but please be happy for me because I've been spending such great quality time with someone amazing and I feel extremely blessed to do so x. To be honest, I have TONS of stuffs to update and fill you guys with but I would do so when things are more concrete.

And update for the day?
I made a trip down J7IMAGE and got my hair done 2 weeks ago!!!
Once again, I kept things simple but like the title suggests, with a tint of ash colour for a change. :D
Stick around till the end of this post for a discount code and their current ongoing hair promotions! (Which is super worthy and saves lots of $$$)

I decided that it was the 'cozy' sweater day for me and snugged over a long sweater dress that day. (':

The brand new J7IMAGE. ♥ @ Far East Plaza, #05-32/33.

 I didn't do my hair for about
2 months before visiting J7 again and guess what? They've expanded and moved to the 5th floor in Far East Plaza!!! The salon is now much bigger and able to take in more customers like you and I in a day. It is extremely spacious with an abundance of space to roam around and they even have a little cosy corner for you to chill around if you've to wait! I'm absolutely in love with the brand new J7IMAGE and it's ambience. Especially the dazzling ceiling bulbs! :D

I just felt so at ease when I was there, so soothing and cosy along with the hot tea they served me the moment I sat down. I'm sure the service played a part as well HAHAHA fml.

My stylist, Jeft was assessing my two months worth of uncared-for hair hahahha. It was in such a messsssss! ): 

Oh and inserting random picture here because there's this guy sitting right opposite me and every time I take a picture, his legs somehow just looks like mine and it's so weird hahahha (ok confusing. You're a genius if you get what I mean.) #pun #angles #hairylegs #smallbodybiglegs

Dying my hair in progress!!!! ♥♥♥

 Jeft have been handling my hair since 2012
OMFG ok that's a reallyyyyyyy long time. If you're an old reader of mine, you would've known that Jeft makes every hair decision for me and it's always a pleasant surprise. So ok anyway, I'm not sure if this is considered as a form of chemistry between my stylist and I? Because that day in particular, I felt like trying something Ashy grey and so I asked Jeft what he has in store for me and wtf he went like, "Hmm maybe ash colour?"

!!!!!! Insane no?!
HAHAHHA ok la I know this it's just coincidental but I would like to believe that there's a little chemistry between us hahahha. I was really pleased okay! People like me have to keep things simple, keep my hair dark so as to minimise being called 'lian' from first impressions. So Jeft covered up all my remaining uneven colours, kept the base black as usual and dropped a little tint of ash dye on one side of my hair. :D

During my hair wash and head massage. All the stylists there gives really amazing head massages!!!!!  I can't find any other better word to describe it besides.... SHIOK. SIBEI SHIOK NOT KIDDING. T_T

And they got me food too!!! I was having food and getting my hair done at the same time hahahha thank you for treating me so well, J7! ♥♥♥

Both my stylist and I decided to keep my current hair length and a little bit of trimming will do! :D 

As you know, constant
bleaching/dying can be extremely harmful and cause damage to our hair. The kind of dye we use, the kind of products we use, even to the kind of treatment we opt for can be a huge affecting factor as to how our hair would turn out to be like. First off, I need to be honest and let you know that my hair is not in good condition. Due to my eating habits as well etc, my hair is just.. you know, not perfect and can be a little brittle.

I have friends who turn up
at J7 wanting to crazy bleach their hair but got advised not to because as hair professionals, they assess your hair and they know what's suitable for you and what's not. To put it across bluntly, I can still continue to bleach my hair because the condition of my hair is not that bad (yet). Throughout my time with J7, my hair really improved a hell lot under their care. I cannot emphasis this enough countless of times I've mentioned. Always refer back to my very first blog post with J7 if you want and there you can see how horrible my hair was.

J7IMAGE uses almost everything organic.
Even when they bleach my hair, they would always add this treatment inside the formula which prevents any further damage during the process of bleaching. Anything chemical is greatly reduced and treatment is provided to me every single time.

Scalp lotion, hair lotion and leave in hair treatment. 

After hair treatment and trimming,
Jeft additionally applied all these products onto my hair. The scalp lotion which prevents hair fall, was very minty and refreshing on my scalp! Second one is a smoothing hair lotion which helps to nourish your hair and replenish moisture at the same time. Apparently people apply for the scent too! The last one (which is my favourite!!!), is a yogurt leave in hair mask that smooths out our hair and best used daily. Favourite because whoaaaa it smells so CRAZY GOOD. ♥

Yay!!! Getting my hair styled. :D 

Finishing touches to my hair by Jeft. :D 


P/S: I only bleached once!!!

Yes I started taking selfies with the stylists in the salon hahaha 

Really love the tint of ash!!! :D
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Once again, thank you J7IMAGE and Jeft for always taking good care of my hair. ♥

J7IMAGE is located at:

Far East Plaza #05-32/33

Follow them on Instagram @j7image and like their Facebook page HERE.
www.j7image.com | 6735 5195 | They're closed on every 7th of the month.