Saturday, 1 August 2015

Happy Birthday, Alicia. ♥

Happy Birthday, Alicia.
I'm two minutes before 12am as I start on this blog post.
It would be belated in another minutes time. I have no idea how to show the world just how much I love her and all the things I would do for her if my capabilities were endless. We don't talk to each other everyday, we don't see each other often at all but I'm pretty sure, we both know what's going on in each other's lives very well. Sometimes, no need for words.

We always plan to do
lot's of ranting and sharing whenever we get to spend some time together physically, but they always turn out to be tons of senseless banter and or doing things that are seemingly 'boring' or a 'waste of time' to other people. But not for us, never. We cherish each other's companion so much that whatever we're doing doesn't matter at all as long as we get to spend time together. No one's to tell us what's quality time.

I hold her so dear and close to my heart
that I heart-wrenchingly wish, that the people around her would learn to cherish her with all their heart. Listen to her when she needs a little attention, take her words seriously, talk to her, see the good in her because I see so much more. Watch how she'd stand up for you, talk sense into you when needed, how she fights for your rights and not allow one single person to take advantage of you. Watch how she worries and go to great lengths just to make things a little better for you.

 See how dedicated of a
person she is towards her family and friends or maybe even work. There are times where she subconsciously gets a little emotional and uptight but that's when I know, she needs the people she loves. Other people don't matter to her, really. Because she's fuelled only by the love and support she receives from her loved ones. And so thank you, thank you for loving me with everything you have. I can be such a undeserving person most of the time that nobody wants to be around me. No one would even care less to take a second look or give me another chance to show them the other side of me and no doubts that during the many times in my life where I felt as worthless as you could imagine, she was there.

She was there, semi harsh
but filled doubly with love and concern. I want to cry. I want to give her a hug and say, thank you love, thank you friend, thank you sister, thank you baby. Thank you Alicia, for everything that you are and everything that you'd given. I gave you me and you've been so ever meticulous and great... even more during the times where I don't deserve shit at all.

Till this date,
I still can't fathom what friendship is really about and likewise, love.
But all these come to me so naturally that I feel this is one bond that I would love to hold on to and stick around even when you don't want me. Always remember, there is so much, so much good in you that we see even if you don't. For us, we see so much more than what meets the eye of others.

I love you and I hope it is
not only on your birthdays would you remember that I do. And if I have to say more, I'm actually contemplating if I should upload our snapchat story to my YouTube channel so everyone can see how fucking hilarious you can be. Sorry that totally killed the vibe HAHAHA. Ok pics of us below ok!!!!! ♥♥♥