Monday, 20 July 2015

My solution to menstrual cramps and backaches!

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Alrighty! Let's get straight to the point today.
First of all, I have to say, I fucking hate being on my period. Personally, I hardly ever get menstrual cramps but I ALWAYS ALWAYS have crazy backaches on the first 2 days of my period and they can get pretty nasty. Sometimes they get soooo unbearable that I would wake up from my sleep or - I simply wouldn't be able to sleep at all. Not being in comfort really affects my mood and all the little things I need to do, I hated it. 

P/S: Read till the end for discount codes and more!

Every time the backaches strikes me,
I notice myself clenching my teeth tighter as time pass. It can be that bad. I assume that people who often have menstrual cramps experience something similar or rather, you'd be able to relate to me. I never had any solution to it until about 3 months ago. So what happened? 

It was 3 months ago 
that Peck, from PSLove approached me to try their MenstruHeat packs. Well, I honestly didn't think much of it because I thought it just sort of relieves menstrual cramps and since I hardly get any, I just told Peck that she can go ahead and send some to me and if it works and I like it, I would proceed on a long-term collaboration with them. 

I know this make me sound
like a shitty person but I actually left the packs in my room and totally forgotten about it until one day, the backaches came attacking me on my period. I jolted right awake from my sleep early in the morning and thought, fuck, why is this happening to me? How in the world can period backaches be soooo bad? I tossed and turned in bed for almost an hour and that's when I remembered I have some MenstruHeat packs lying around somewhere in my room which maybe, I could use it for my backaches and so I tried!


BECAUSE IT WORKED and believe me,
 I was so elated that I emailed Peck right afterwards and hence this blog post today. :D

Thank you SO much, PSLove! Thank you for relieving my backaches whenever I'm on my period hahahaha. (This sounds so funny but I really mean it!!!!) ♥♥♥♥

I have to say that
this is one of the few times where I feel so glad to blog and share about something with you guys.
Like I don't even have to think twice about what I wanna say and everything just come spilling out here. You know, I was extremely impressed by how effective PSLove's MenstruHeat Packs are. 

I remembered I actually 
applied 4 packs all over my back the first time I tried and it worked. With them, I can now sleep well, I can now do my stuffs at ease and basically basking in comfort! Very comfortable, in fact. From my personal experience, I applied the heat packs directly onto my skin and it's at a comfortable temperature(for me). If you're afraid of it getting too hot, stick it on your clothes or just the underside of it and it should be fine. 

The heat of the heat packs
lasts up to 12 hours as it claims but I've never used it for that long! Because it soothes my backaches pretty quickly and I remove them after a few hours and I would feel good for the rest of the day. Also, the packs will not leave you with any side effects as they're 100% natural with NO scent or odour as well. I would say they come in a pretty convenient size for you to bring them around if need be and most importantly, the packs are VERY affordable.

MenstruHeat packs are priced at SGD$3.90 (2 packs), $7.80 (4packs) and $15.60 (8 packs). And guess what? You can now quote 'Chrysan10' for 10% DISCOUNT when you check out!!!! So even cheaper for you guys!!! :D ♥

Anyway, I also
noticed that the heat packs actually softens and moulds to the shape of my body when I apply them on!! I suppose that if the packs works for my backaches, it'll most likely do wonders to your menstrual cramps as well! Or to those who suffers from severe backaches like I do, please please please, trust me and give MenstruHeat from PSLove a try. Totally worth it!

And Peck, thank you so much
for sending these packs my way, you're my saviour! I wanna grab you for a bear hug and kiss now HAHAHA. Alright guys, go have a perfect day ahead and if you're dying to soothe your cramps and aches, get them from www.menstruheat.com or visit their Instagram @pslove_co! ♥

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'Chrysan10' allows you to have a 10% discount! (;