Thursday, 16 July 2015

Buck Tile St. Cafe ♥


Believe it or not, I've been
sitting in front of my laptop for at least the past 8 hours thinking about what to write. I felt paralysed because I wasn't capable of churning up anything that's 'fantastic enough' for an advertorial. I didn't know where to start, didn't know what to say and was extremely frozen like a deer in the headlights. I even started googling about writer's block and that's when I realised, how stupid I've been to have wasted all the hours being a worrywart when I can just relay everything here to you guys genuinely and truthfully because there is just nothing wrong that hahahha fml.

 Now that I'm feeling all energised,
I can't wait to tell you guys all about it!!! So not long ago, I received an email invitation from Buck Tile St. Cafe to drop by for an experience and with that being said, I assumed there'd be free food and I'm so sorry but I have to admit that I was reeallllyyy pretty stoked at the idea of free food HAHAHA.

Naturally, I requested
to bring someone along and if you watch my snapchat enough, it would come off as no surprise that I brought Brian with me, last Thursday. The thought of it was exhilarating enough since I have a special liking for both spending time with him AND cafes. I would like to say that they both went very well together. :D 

Arriving at Buck Tile St. Cafe! :D 

The moment we reached the cafe,
the staff greeted us and the owner shared with me a little about their cafe and later emphasised a few times to make myself feel at home. I felt really, really blessed. Oh and by the way, the name of this cafe is actually an anagram derived from the words, 'Bucket List'. Pretty cool and seriously if the owner hadn't told me, I wouldn't have realised it at all HAHAHHA what's new I'm not that bright ok!!!

And in my opinion, this space is quite huge and spacious for a cafe!!!

We went all around and decided to settle at the end of the cafe because THIS!!!!! HAHAHA the couch makes me feel like we have the whole corner to ourselves x.

There are soft toys and pillows there too!!! T_T ♥

And I think because we came during the non-peak timing, it was really soothing and quiet. :D 


The 'Inspirational corner' of Buck Tile St. Cafe. 

No, this isn't specifically
called the Inspirational corner but I would very much like to call it one because it truly is, inspirational. I stood in front of this corner for quite some time because besides the fact that you get to read their books shelved there for you along with board and card games, you can actually write down your wishes on a piece of paper and peg it along with so many others' on this huge bucket list you see above.

I read a few and
it's really interesting though I felt as if I was peeping through people's wishes but occasionally, I come across very creative-looking ones...

Or even the ones that makes me feel a little emotional..

If you ever intend to
drop by, self-service. Pen down what's on your bucket list and share it with strangers and people like both you and I. I honestly regret not writing my own when I was there, I guess I was distracted by 50 shades of grey hahahha the book was just right on the shelf I couldn't not see it!!!!

They also have a corner where accessories and other pretty items are for sale! :D 

Yay finally the cake counter!!!! ♥♥♥♥
FUN FACT: They take in preorders for whole cakes so if you're interested, you can always email them at ask@bucktilestcafe.com for more info! :D 

After exploring
the entire cafe, I finally found myself glued to the cake counter. They REALLY have a variety of desserts. Not just the ones on display, even assorted ice-cream flavours, waffles so on and so forth. I was in a huge dilemma on what to get but I knew for sure I was gonna try at least one of the flower pot cakes!!!! Thinking about it right now makes me wanna return there and try all the other desserts. ):

Left to right: Tiramisu, Oreo and Horlick! :D 

Our picks from Buck Tile! ♥

I would list down what I tried at the end of this blog post for your reference! 

Tall glass of strawberry milkshake with rainbow-sprinkles on top! Super rich and creamy! ♥♥♥

Huge beef pie for me hahahaha, I polished off every bit of it's filling. :D

Brian picked croissant sandwich for his main! 

Believe it or not, this is a blue velvet cake. 

Ok so here's my
FAVOURITE pick from all the dishes I tried at Buck Tile St. Cafe that day. I read their menu and apparently they change up the colours of the 'blue' velvet cake every now and then. So for my case last Thursday, it was in a pretty shade of blue!

The thing is, I'm NOT a food critic.
I'm not good at explicitly describing to you in detail how it tastes like and wonderful it is. I'm not capable of fancy descriptions like how the cake melts in your mouth bla bla bla. So I'm just gonna tell you straight up that this is by far, the best velvet cake I've ever tried and I would definitely return for this one cake again. And even though Brian isn't a picky-eater, it's not easy to please his tastebuds either. He actually agreed that it's nice too! :D


Generous amount of what tastes like cocoa powder on top of the Tiramisu cake. ♥♥♥ I already set my mind to it that I would return again to try the Horlick flavoured one HAHHAA. 

 photo bloggif_55a585cd5149f_zpsgn2skpur.gif

Brian's favourite of the lot - the sea salt caramel chocolate tart! 

Okay, this one was a little
too sweet for me but Brian LOVES it. I swear he repeated quite a few times to me that he finds this tart really good. It is VERY rich in it's flavour and thick in consistency, if you're a sweet tooth, don't hesitate to try this out! :D


ICE-CREAM IS A CRAZY MUST TRY. Ok to be honest, the ice cream was the last dish we tried out of the lot but it was served to us about the same time as the rest of the dishes. First off, I was extremely surprised that the ice cream didn't really melt at all. WHY. I still don't know how it works HAHHAA but whoa when I tried the ice cream...... I immediately fell deep in love with it.

Thinking about it is already making me salivate.
I apologise for the lack of vocabulary to properly do justice to how toothsome it was for me. But please allow me to emphasise this once again that you have to try it to know it. Be your own judge to all the food! I have to say that I personally find Buck Tile St. Cafe a pretty worthy place to hang out. Amazingly soothing and comfortable ambience, huge variety of beverages and desserts with quite a bit of assorted finger foods and mains. I don't see why not!

Especially how I've already found love for some
of the dishes I tried, I'm pretty sure you would find yours there as well. ^^

Obviously treating Buck Tile St. Cafe like my own home hahahhaha

Thank you Brian, for helping me with the pictures and most importantly, your presence made this experience a very enjoyable and meaningful one. Best companion of all time goes to you x. 

 photo bloggif_55a585460a915_zpsvtgg4mp7.gif

Just in case you wanna know what we ordered, it's roughly like this: 

- Strawberry Milkshake
- Peppermint Iced Tea
- Beef pie set
- Ham and Cheese Croissant 
- Truffle fries
- Sea salt caramel chocolate tart
- Waffles with Island coconut ice-cream
- Tiramisu (the flower pot)
- Blue velvet cake (Blue cake)

P/S: The names are roughly what I remember them to be, I'm sorry that I didn't take note of them, I was REALLY distracted by the food and fancy desserts HAHAHA. 

They have super worthy attractive daily deals too! Click to enlarge. :D 

Before I end this blog post,
I would really really want to thank the owner(does not want to be named), for inviting me down to Buck Tile St. Cafe for this wonderful experience. Also, to all the efficient and helpful staffs there as well x. Thank you all, for making it such a great one. See you soon! ♥ 

Buck Tile St. Cafe is located at: 

104 Faber Drive, 129412
6566 7058

**(Please take note that they DO NOT take in reservations but don't worry about getting seats because like I mentioned, the cafe is really pretty huge!!!)**

See more pictures on their Instagram @bucktile.st and like their Facebook page HERE