Sunday, 22 November 2015


Oh god. I'm so exhausted.
Right now I just need sleep, food and a full body massage. I'm usually a sucker for leg massages. But today, it's the full body massage kind of feeling HAHAHA. Like I just wanna fall asleep to realllyyyy good body massages. Fml. My eyelids feel like they weigh a fucking ton. I think I can doze off anytime! I'm snuggling in bed right now and waiting for the pictures I took yesterday to be transferred to my laptop from my phone so I can post them all here.. Wanted to post up pictures I took today too but there's SOOOOOOO many of them so I thought I would just post yesterday's one first and then today's pictures tomorrow! 

Should I eat? Or not? 
Or go straight to sleep after I update this space? Ok. Seems like the pictures are in my laptop now!! Omg I'm sooooo hungry!!!! T_T

Yesterday's outfit.
Skirt c/o @ellysage | Necklace c/o @whynotspeakup
Quote (chrysanlee) for 10% OFF www.ellysage.com! 

Watch c/o @danielwellington | Socks c/o @happysocksofficial
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Thank you, Ricky for the pictures!

Qt bb girl, Alicia with Ricky! 

Alicia and I
finished shooting with Ricky reallllllyyyy quick yesterday! And since we were pretty near Outram Park, we decided to go have our favourite buttered chicken rice for lunch! My stomach is growling and I'm craving for it now, really. ): 

Favorite buttered chicken rice! 

Hehe thank you for the treat bb girl 

 ♥ ♥ ♥

Favourite food x favourite girl = favourite combination hahahahaha

Are you Batman? 

Hahahaha. Now I really need Batman to come save me.
I'm so tired, and I miss him so badly. I'm a combination of mixed feelings and at an extremely confused state. Because I'm not sure if I should think food, sleep or feelings now. Maybe you can tell me.