Friday, 27 November 2015

Don't be afraid.

Had dinner with my father and Alandrea
the other day if you'd seen my Instagram post on it. My father was really cute, I know he has the habit of wearing a cap or with shades when in pictures because he thinks he look ugly without it. So that day I asked him, "Daddy, where's your cap? I wanna take pictures with you later."

Apparently it was just that day
that he decided not to bring his cap out. Guess what?
Super QT, no?! We went to several shops around Ion and Wisma, from H&M to AX to Zara and to all the other hippy brands and finally got himself one that he liked lol. That was also the day where I come to learn just what kind of caps he like, I noticed he can be quite picky!

Anyhow, although I do not
speak a lot to my father, I enjoyed myself that night. It was nice to have dinner with both my father and girlfriend. Isn't it nice, when you friends and family get along well with one another and also treats each other genuinely and sincerely? Sometimes I can't help but to feel that humans are interdependent, like we need each other. I noticed how my friends loves my father and likewise, my father treats them all so well! They're like a bridge and also a bonus. One that helps make relationships and everything else better! It warms my heart. I cannot be more thankful to have such moments to myself. Just wanna silently say thank you to my family and friends now hahahhahaa, y'all know who you are ok!!!

Ok I don't know why but I think
I should just name them here because they DESERVE the thank you and attention.
Peixin, Alicia, Ginity and Alandrea. Thank you, y'all amazing girlfriends. ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Thank you for respecting and loving my family they way I do. Also, some of you care for each other too!!!! Thank you so much for being so willing to give, and also so willing to love. Thank you, for being in my life gurlzzzzz HAHAHA. I love you! ♥

Ok enough of mushy crap.

Alandrea and I went grocery shopping together that noon too! 

Okay from here on
I would be spamming more of the pictures taken that day with my spontaneous 65 year old father who's still young and vigorous at heart. I'm too lazy to photoshop them all so.... OK. (Totally trying to insinuate that I look amazing without photoshop too... HAHAHAHHAA. Walao sorry my 臭美 element never seems to fade away eh?! Anyway, no. My father's face is not edited in any way. I truly think he looks relatively young compared to his actual age!! I made fun of him on my snapchat that night by saying he had botox done hahhahahahhahahahhahahaha sorry ah, 老爸!

With my father and Alandrea. ♥

♥ ♥ ♥

Anyhow, did I mention that my father gets screened by police on patrol all the time?! And he'd come home feeling all mad and indignant like a kid who got bullied lolol. Sometimes people mistake him as a Malay too!!!

Just so you know, I now bring Hello Kitty plasters with me because you know how vain girls be wearing footwear that hurts the shit out of them but still do it anyway because it compliments their outfit in general hahahahhai'moneofthemhhahhahahahahohahahhahaha  

And yes, that's exactly what happened to Alandrea. P/S: I myself have not used a single of them HK plasters yet. In fact, my brother did. This once when he attended a wedding dinner and had to wear shoes that hurt lol and took the plaster from me. See, men can be just as vain too!! Maybe sometimes even more hahahahhha

Ignore shitty picture

I often walk down the streets of Singapore and feel proud of my country. Maybe I'm a patriot, I don't know, I can't say so myself. But I truly feel blessed. Singapore looks amazing. Beautiful streets and city lights. Grand and magnificent architectures, relatively good service with law enforcers that almost cannot be bribed. I truly like it here. And I'm happy to be able to even live here. All in all, it isn't all about the fancy stuffs that I'm most attracted to and proud of. It is the amazing diversity of this country, to have people live relatively harmoniously together regardless of all the different religion, race and culture differences.

For over the past 50 years,
we managed to build the current Singapore together. To incorporate so many different living lifestyles together. Transformed and grew tremendously in an extremely short time. Our forefathers worked so hard to achieve what we have today because they KNOW how difficult things were before. Which is something that our generation AND the future generation do not know of. I see teenagers complain on social media about Singapore all the damn time and honestly, I'm fucking disgusted by all of them ingrates. Seriously.

True, they did not pick to live here.
Every country has their flaws and problems to fix. Every country have their room for improvements. But why are people not the least bit appreciative? Why are they narrow-minded? Why do they choose, only to look at the flop side of everything? If you have had left Singapore, if you knew more about the outside world, you would've known that we are already fucking blessed. And that all of us fail to appreciate the peace and stability that we now possess.

They worked so hard to bring us here.. Don't squander it.
I see so much good in this place that we now live in and the only flaw - is that the new generation isn't very united. It is that the new generation, isn't appreciative enough. Because they have everything fed and given to them. Is the grass really always greener on the other side?

Mentality, is a crazy thing.
It makes a person and has the power of influencing others.

Ok anyhow!!!!!
That night after dinner, Alandrea and I took a walk around Orchard and when I picked up the aromatic scents, I immediately went, "Omg. That's the smell of Lush. WHERE IS LUSH!!!!" Alandrea went like, "Here here here. It's here darling don't panic."  Hahahahha!

And yeap, I got myself bath balls!!!!! Can't wait to use it. :D 

Also met very friendly staffs there then, little things like that makes my day!!! ♥

Alandrea went home by late night
and since I was nearby and around Ginity's work place, I decided to stop by her store and wait for her to wrap up! When I reached, she told me she still had another hour to go but my phone was almost flat. (I did not bring my portable that day) But since we're both damn cincai and boliao people, I decided to wait at the sitting area outside her store while she 'confiscated' my phone to charge HAHAHHA THANKS BABYGIRL. So I was all alone with no phone. Marvellous, not.

Since I carry my journal with me
almost everywhere I go, my first instinct was to retrieve it and flip it open the moment I sat down. I wasn't about to waste an hour of my life away by staring into space. And there, I decided to go doodling and filled an entire page of the journal with ONLY circles. If you watched my snapchat that night:

 photo bloggif_5654a9f5e2622_zpsmhxrbdsz.gif
Snapchat: chrysanlee 

Yes, I drew circles
for more than an hour. No regrets. But I swear it was absolutely tedious! However surprisingly satisfying when I was done. I wasn't expecting to feel fulfilled! It was somehow, enlightening and also refreshing. I actually had a lot of thoughts going through my mind then. Occasionally I swop to using the other hand when one of them gets tired from doodling. I know it sounds absolutely 'boliao', but I thought it to be quite a fruitful process. I thank him for getting the journal for me. Thank you, Brian. I miss you knew just how much I've missed you.   

Sometimes I wonder,
why do we try so hard to make something out of nothing? Why do we do this to ourselves? To try to spike the people around us when things turn sour, when things go wrong, when the right attention isn't given enough. Why do we refuse to take the first step to everything? It could be a conversation, it could be anything, one that'll make everything better and more humane. Why do we stop caring? Because seriously, at the end of the day, besides the people we value, the people around us, what have we got? What will be left of us if we don't cherish and learn to take the 'first steps' or to take a step back, to compromise?

With this shitty piece of crap, called pride, what can we do with it? How much is it worth? Think about it, we need people around us more than anything else in this world, really. We are all interdependent. We all NEED people to survive. It could be anything and sometimes, they are our bridges to many others, to help us reconnect, to hold us together and stay strong and sane and whatever else it is. It is true, that our loved ones are vital to us, whether we choose to believe it or not. 

That night, I booked a GrabCar home.
I use it so often fml it's so cheap I can't help it but it drains my money too lolol. Anyway!! I had a casual conversation with the driver and we even got down for a smoke together after I reached my destination. It all started because I asked this question,

"If a friend of yours is feeling low, what do you think they need the most?"

He thought about it for awhile
and he said, "Friends. I think they would need friends. That's what they would need the most."
I did not explicitly ask why or make him explain, but it is interesting to ponder about if you wish to. We spoke and covered many topics, from friends to work and then to life in general. I truly enjoy conversations like this with people. It was absolutely pleasant. (':

You know, I wish that in life,
we can all stop being afraid to be ourselves. I think that ultimately, we only truly start living when we aren't afraid to live as who we are. Just a thought!