Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Filming day @ RWS!

Believe me that 
I'm sick as fuck right now and would just like recover ASAP.
It seems as if everyone around me is falling sick, not sure if it's the indecisive weather's fault or what but, please take care of yourself all of you!!!! It sucks so bad to fall sick and falling sick literally stops you from doing everything AND totally affects your mood so PLEASE PLEASE TOLONG TOLONG, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES OK!!!!

It is raining so heavily now
and I guess I secretly love rainy days. It is on rainy days where my furball will curl up right next to me no matter how stuffy he feels lolol. And it's super adorable! Ok why not let me just quickly snap a picture of him now. Be right back. 

You see!!!!
He's hiding underneath my chair as I blog hahaha. If you'd love more of his cuteness, you can follow him on @boythefurball on Instagram. I update it occasionally! So anywayyyyyy, let me just quickly post pictures of filming last week (I think). The Wah!Banana crew and I filmed at Resort World Sentosa and it was pleasant! We had a one day passsssss if you watched my snapchat that day you'd know!!

鱼 at Fengshui Inn restaurant! 

P/S: super lazy to edit pictures nowadays so bear with it ok!!! This was some random pic I sent to Alicia during our free time lol 

And yes!!! We filmed at Ocean Suite too!!!! Super expensive room can?! I heard it's about $2k onwards! 

cheebye Jason just CANNOT stop photobombing me hahahahhaha. Love him still!!!! :D 

Everyone took turns to snap some commemorative shots before filming hahahhaha

Cute stingray decides to photobomb 

The view was indeed breathtaking and extremely mesmerising. I was so enthralled by the view!  

And cute divers decide to swim pass our room!!! 

Weird things Fish does with your phone 

We had lunch after filming! Thank you, Jason for the treat! ♥

After which I went off
to meet Ricky to snap a few pics around Orchard and later met Ginity too. I guess that's about it!!!! I'm trying very hard to keep my blog updated so I can look back in the future to keep in track with what I'd done hahahha. And god I miss him.