Friday, 4 December 2015

Shitload of pics

Damn. I'm still not recovering.
fuckmylifecanirecoveralready?!?!!?!!! Hahaha anyway yes, the title is shows exactly what it is. Just gonna spam here with shitload of pictures that I took with Alicia the other day! Believe me, the amount of pictures I'm posting here is only a third of what we took in total. But before thattttt let me just briefly share some pics I took today!!

On my Snapchat: chrysanlee yes

I was feeling so so sick the entire day.
Extremely fatigue and feel like I can totally throw up anytime hahahha but since I had to eattttttt, I went to meet Alandrea and Ginity for crazy late dinner and headed home after that. God, I feel horrible nowwwww. 100% whiny and needs to get well. My headache is killing me too!!!! So gonna quickly post all the pics I took with Alicia right below and I'd go visit lalaland already x 

We woke up crazy early that morning to meet a photographer, Flizz. It was a collab between him and Alicia but she brought me along, hehe thank you love!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

And yayyyyyy we had KFC for breakfast!!!! TY for the treat bbgirl!!! ♥

Ok now I'm hungry at 5 am fuck

If you watched my snapchat that day, it was drizzling on and off!!! 

And we found this beautiful place from cycling heh 

Ok fuck. 
Speaking of cycling, I have to tell you all this story. So we got ourselves rented bicycles and since I'm really short, my bike was naturally only right to be smaller. It was fucking hilarious if you were to compare my bike to Alicia's then. But that's not the point, so to give you a little background information, I have not cycled a fucking two-wheeled bicycle for at least over a fucking decade. And that makes me - an inexperienced cyclist. HAHAHA.

So then two minutes into
cycling.... at the traffic light.... (@*^92864JLKDJSAI^@^&£O*!3@U! I FUCKING FELL DOWN HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH. YES I FELL. So I pressed brakes and I don't know is it inertia or what not, but the bicycle didn't had enough time to slow itself down and by right it's supposed to throw me forward but thank thank god, I fell down sideways and had the bicycle fall RIGHT ON ME. RIDICULOUS AS FUCK. 

Oh god it's so hilarious to think about it all over again.
Alicia and Flizz sure had a good laugh at me then. Of course, myself too. I couldn't stop laughing! Alicia said it's so funny to watch me cycle because I'd sway and go left right. #mylife OK BACK TO FAST BLOGGING CHOPCHOP SO I CAN SLEEP!!!

I'm wearing top from @ninthstore btw!!! ♥

Quote 'ChrysanXmas' for 15% off from www.danielwellington.com! 

Although I'm really tired I'd just love to tell all of you that I love her so so so so so so so so so so much. Sometimes I'm in doubt because she can be such a prick and pain in the arse but she's definitely more than a 100%. 

Did I mention I love how we both coincidentally have a vamp tooth on the same side!!! Hahaha. (I actually scrolled all the way to the top here again to write this caption because I suddenly recalled like oh where's the vamp tooth pic anyway)

With Flizz!!!! :D 

This will be us whenever we go to a place for the first time together in the future, Alicia. 

BTW, there are so many fucking pics I did not photoshop them because I'm too lazy so ya you're now enjoying them raw 

?????? Do not understand either. HAHHA

Yes I would remove slippers for shoots

Thank you, Flizz!!! For snapping all candid moments of me especially when I run and go crazy because I was in such a joyful mood then!! ♥ 

Second outfit that day!!!

At the second location and also a second selfie (but maybe this was already the 3842399999th selfie)

I was trying to laugh secretly because I couldn't give a straight face and simply could not stay focus. But obviously failed, that's far from 'secretly smiling' already 

So bobian Alicia also kena affected by me and the both of us just couldn't hold in our laughter sooooo HAHAHA. But don't 小看 on us ok!!! We can be damn serious when we want to, scroll down to see!!!

Candid and awkward hands and fingers, must've gotten that from Alicia. 

Candid shot by Flizz when I was prepping my outfit heh #restingbitchface #yougotitright 

I TOLD YOU WE CAN BE SERIOUS TOO HAHAHHAHAHA (and we both closed our eyes coincidentally) I think we have chemistry because even Flizz pointed out haha 


So when we settled down and reviewing pics, I made Alicia get me icecream hahahaha. Although windy, at some point it was legit humid as fuck and god the humidity is up there. My face was all red too!!! My skin as well, am pretty tanned now actually. Only part of my wrist isn't because I was wearing a watch hah thanks DW 

Ok ending this blog post with a lovely picture of us byeeeeee!!!!!!!! May tomorrow be a better day for all. It will be. Love you all! GOODNIGHTTTT