Sunday, 21 February 2016

A very kind man and a very sick dog.

WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised.
This blog post contains graphic images of my pet dog's wounds in which I believe not everyone would be comfortable with. If you are not, you can click HERE which will link you back to the blog post before this one. Otherwise you can stay stay here and read. Alright, all good and set? Let's talk about my day.

Ah boy in the pet clinic today. 

So yes, my dog's injured.
My sister and I brought him to the vet last Thursday. Around Tuesday night? Yes Tuesday night he was biting himself on the side, it's quite common amongst dogs and there really wasn't anything amiss. My dog have never fallen real sick, like this sick. Nothing major before. But he wouldn't stop biting that spot, it could be anything. Like a hot spot, it could be because it was wet, moist, which is easily irritable. So the area that bothers him gets.. larger if he keeps biting it.

By Thursday that's when it looks quite bad.
My sister and I decided to bring him to the vet. Boy got his blood tests done etc, everything is in good condition except maybe he haven't been eating well enough. And that his hind legs are now weaker (old age, he's already 10 y/o). So what caused him to bite himself? We don't know then. Now? We still don't know. The blood tests wouldn't be able to tell us what's wrong as of now. The vet doesn't know either. Like I mentioned, it could've been anything.

Last night his wounds
started to bleed, blood was dried up all over it. He requires meds, oral intake twice a day after food and also cleansing of the wounds and applying of medicine twice a day as well. When it comes to this two, it's hell. I would get to that later but let's back track a little, yes, his wounds worsened as of last night and today I had to bring him to the vet again. I was booking for cabs. It's hard. Even Chinese wouldn't take us sometimes. And then this happened:

Yup read it and you'd understand.

Yes, basically that's that.
I am just.. so thankful. In times of need one can feel so hopeless and down. He definitely made my day. It was a pleasant ride, really. After the vet is done with the wound cleaning and all... God. Boy's wounds just look so fucking bad. And here it is:

We tied his fur because it's just so long
even after shaving such a huge area away and it sticks to his wounds and hurts him as well. Albeit it looks a bit funny, but it's definitely useful hahahahaha. And yes, I was just.. disconcerted. In horror. Like what? What happened to him exactly? How? It was just.. a few days? How did an abrasion-looking skin turn into that? What went wrong? What did I not do? What could I have done but did not? Can you imagine how I felt? Really? What was it?

Doctor doesn't rule out
the possibility of skin cancer, flesh eating, just a normal open wound, I'm not sure. But as of now, we really still don't know. All I know is that, Boy is clearly in pain. He whines. He did a little bit last night but more today. He runs away from me. Why? Because he thinks I'm gonna hurt him as I've been the one trying to clean up his wounds the past few days and feeding him nasty 'food' (which is the meds). I think he hates me now I don't know.

It's just tough.
Especially last night. I almost wanted to cry just last night. Tears well up my eyes. He's a smart dog. Mixing meds with food will never work for him. The only way to feed him tablets since he was a puppy was to pry open his mouth, pop the pill to the back of his throat, shut his mouth close. It works. But only if you use up a hell lot of time to force it and make it happen. It's exasperating and requires a lot of patience out of a person. He gets smarter each time when I do it. He knows exactly when I would feed him his meds.

Right after food today, he ran.
Why? Because he knows it's medicine time after food. He shuts his mouth close, refuse to open most of the time. Even with treats, he either shuns away or uses his teeth and nose to push my hands away. I have to pry his mouth open obviously. Maybe risk getting bitten too. I don't know. And once it's in his mouth, the funniest thing is that he'd hold his mouth close as long as possible and slowly open up and try to puke the tablet out thinking I won't see it. I don't know if I should laugh or cry really.

Although I have to admit,
sometimes his behaviour REALLY makes me laugh even when I'm mad. And when I start prepping the cleaning tools and shit, he actually knows!!!! AND HE STARTS RUNNING AWAY FROM ME AGAIN. Hysterical this time. Because it hurts so bad for him to have his wounds cleaned. Imagine having an open wound and to have antiseptic pour all over it, wiped dry, and STILL have to apply medicine which prolly stings like a fucking bitch. He must be in so much pain.

All in all,
he just does a lot of shit to avoid me now (or the procedures I'm not sure). It just makes me so sad that my own dog is.. avoiding me. I feel like he holds grudges against me lol. Because to him, I must be the monster that hurts him and forces shit down his throat. It's just exceedingly difficult to do this alone when no ones home to help when he struggles etc. I asked if my sister could move home with me temporary to help out, she said tomorrow and I'm just so fucking glad.

He's snoozing beside me right now
as I type this blog post. This is the peace we both enjoy in each other's companion as of now. Later, another battle - meds again. It's insane how one's health can deteriorate so quick, so sudden, caught off guard. Sweeping us off our feet. It was just days ago where Boy was all good, fluffy and runs to you when you offer him treats. Days ago where he reacted to us when we call out to him and ask him to come over. Days ago where he barks like a fucking mad dog when he sees strangers and wags his tail and welcome you when he realises you're a friend not a foe.

God, just how I wish he'd get well soon.

UPDATE: I must also make sure that there are no flies at home because apparently the flies might target Boy's wounds as a perfect breeding area and if they do lay eggs there, maggots would form and that would be an even bigger issue. PRAYING, PRAYING, PRAYING that Boy would have a smooth and speedy recovery.