Friday, 19 February 2016

HELLO 2016!

Hello first post of 2016! (Actually the second.)
Come on.... this blog is not dead ok. HAHAHA. Well yes, it's true that I haven't been updating, but I never stopped checking in to this space! I hold this space so dearly in me.. you have no idea. Truth to be told, I'm at work now. Yes work, in an office. Since when I work in an office?! Hahahahhaa well the time is now. 

I've been working for.. say..
a little over a week now? A couple of my friends are aware of this as well as my two other siblings. My dad would prolly find out soon as well since I'm declaring it here hahahhaha yes my 66 year old father stalks me! I can never understand how he gets so many likes on Facebook and be so fucking active on social media accounts despite having to work long hours at the same time. AND MIND YOU, HE USES CHINA APPS AS WELL HAHAHHAHAHA. OH and when we take selfies, he would just come up to me and whisper... "Mei yan leh, we mei yan this photo." 

In case you're wondering
what 'Mei yan' is, it' is actually a beautifying app... BEAUTIFYINGFUCKINGAPP. MYFATHERUSESABEAUTIFYINGAPPANDWANTSHISDAUGHTERTOUSEITTOO. That's my hippy father for you. And since I'm already talking about my father, let me just quickly post a picture of my father and I below: 

老爸! His signature cap look never fails to amuse me. 

And since I posted a picture of my dad, I might as well post a picture with my bro-in-law too! He got me the flowers on V'day. (': 

That was taken on Valentine's Day itself.. 

Which is merely 5 days ago,
but why does it feel like it's been such a long time already? Time REALLY flies. Moments zoom right pass you before you even realise. And yet, Change is the only constant. Everything around us evolves constantly and it doesn't stop. And because time flies, we barely even notice the changes around us while it took place. With that being said, you must have guessed, many things have changed since the last time I was here blogging away. 

Good changes? 

Or bad ones? 

I have no idea myself.
I want to believe that all is well and throw myself the excuse that it is all about perspective. I guess that's what kept me going after all. That every single 'unpleasant' incident is just a matter of perspective and it will pass if I choose to look at it in a different light and ultimately, to keep a positive mindset and an optimistic stance. I simply cannot emphasise how important it is to surround ourselves with positive energy. Constantly dwelling in sadness and wallowing in self pity with the people around you is the worst. You would only keep falling.. Deeper each time if I may add. Dwelling in sadness is like falling into a bottomless pit, darker as time pass. Don't be in that, withdraw yourself from it.

We deserve to be happy.
We really do. We may not have asked for all the unpleasant events in life, we may not deserve the cruelty it brings each time, but do we really have to do this to ourselves? To dwell and drown. It is extremely scary how we humans actually allow ourselves to be sad and be placed in an inexorable state when we can choose to at least try to pick ourselves up and recover. Don't give up. I was taught to try. I was taught by him to always try because trying is only essential in life. I didn't understand what he meant back then. 

Trying.. can be so tiring.
Trying.. can be difficult and torturous. Mentally challenging even.
But trying brings immeasurable amount of happiness when done right. 

Like I mentioned, you know,
many things have changed for me since then. Till next time darlings, I would be here again pouring my heart out into this space. I wish I had all the time in the world to do so. This space that I hold so dearly in me, feels like the centre of my soul, one that holds way too much memories than one could remember. One that holds the ups and downs of my life. It's great to return here. It means so much to me. Feels like home. (: