Monday, 5 September 2011

The new only comes when you let old go .

Time has been so tight for me nowadays 
& it's driving me crazy . Things had been happening and I'm always lost . 
Mom always say , " Everything is gonna be alright , everything is gonna be fine , everything is gonna be over "

Went to Powerhouse on Thursday , had dinner with Celeste ♥ and got ready for our event .
Sales was okay , but there's so many people /: Went in and had a lot of fun with Peixin , Nigel , Yiqing , Shuxian , Vincent and some others ^^

And thanks all who got your tickets from me hehe .
Hope you guys enjoyed and everything ♥♥
Here's a video of SCHOOL's OUT V at Powerhouse that day .
More photos and videos are gonna be out , remember to check out @ Smo Ovellp on FB to check ok !

After that went to have breakfast @ Mac 
with Staizel , Peixin , Ian , Ken , Shamin , Vincent , Guna , Valentino , Aldi , Timothy & two other random guys . Went home soon after that and woke up again , headed out to pray for my mom with sleeping for less than 7 hours ): . 

After that headed to Jurong Point and played Jubeat after so looooooooooooong & had my favorite desert at 记得吃 ^.^

Next day , went to Groove dance studio and met up with my sister
and friends , heh . Helped out with their make up and watched their awesome pole dance show (:

 Me & Xiaoxia ♥ . Been super long since I last saw her , she and her pretty eyes ^^ 

Me and my sister ♥ 

Straight after my Sister's performance , 
Dad sent me home and changed & headed to AMK to find my dear bb Serene ♥ ! We headed down to Soul together and took photos with her phone , hope she uploads soon ♥ . I went in to Soul with Peixin , Louis , Samuel , Yu Tat , while Serene bb went to Powerhouse (:

 At Soul  my dearest girl Peixin

All of us had a lot of fun besides the sudden raid -.- 
Met Ohan and was with him only for awhile .

Went home in complete shagness , looking like this : 

Wash up and had a good whole sleep from morning 11am-8pm ( talked to Peixin and Yiqing on the phone for 2 hours ) and continued by beauty sleep till 4.30 AM . LOL . Talked to my dearest boy , Shane on the phone for 2 hours plus ♥ Can't wait to see him later !

Meeting Yiqing and Peixin soon too to have a good talk heh . ♥
Just uploaded a new photo album @ FB . Shall find something to do naoo , otherwise I would head to bed and be a pig again ):

Instead of always saying Goodnight at the end of my blogpost , 
I'm gonna say Good Morning this time ♥