Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Jurong point with babies ♥

Hi readers ^-^ !
Hehe I'm gonna upload the photos that I took
when I went for Smoove meeting that day first ♥

And I came home with a SMOOVE sticker on my keyboard that night ♥ ! 

Woke up really early yesterday morning &
waited for Peixin to wake up . Was dead bored and met up with Peixin nearby her house in the afternoon . Had the most awesome kuehs in my life that day near Parc Oasis with Peixin hehe . Shall buy some home next time ^o^ 

Before we met up with the rests , 
this forever cute Peixin said she had something for me & I'm like *stun*
But she's fucking cute , cause the thing she took out was HELLO KITTY PLASTERS ♥.♥
 And the reason why she bought me Hello Kitty plasters from Sanrio store
was just because I accidentally hurt my knee the other time and I refused to use all sorts of plasters because it looked "ugly" & I complained to her saying I won't put any plasters on my knee unless it's Hello Kitty's . She's so sweet !!!!
After that we went off to
Jurong Point to meet Yiqing , Maoquan , Michelle & Chilli (I know she has a weird name /: ) !
Had conflict with Yiqing recently , or should I say I quarrel with her all the time ? But yesterday , we finally talk it out , we made a deal things finally got better between us ^^ 
Got another surprise from Yiqing ,
when she met me , she passed me this bag of stuff . Opened it , and realize it was a pair of kitty slippers !! hahaha . Omg so cute ♥♥ .

When everyone reached , 
all of us went to watch Johnny English at 5.45PM when the show started at 5.30PM , #epicfail .
Johnny English was a super nice movie , shall watch it again with my Shane boyboy when he returns from Bangkok tomorrow ♥ ! This show is super reccommended ^^ 

Hehe and we went to fill our stomachs after the movie ! 

 Was supposed to head to Cineleisure to meet up with 
Yu Tat & Louis . But we ended up staying at Jurong area the whole day last night , sorry Yutat /: 
And hope Maoquan's dad to recover soon , also Samuel's eyes to recover ASAP ! Pray that no one else would get the sore eyes next *prays* 

Michelle , Peixin , Yiqing , me , Chilli & Maoquan (: 

The slippers Yiqing bought ! Hehe . 
Our day ended pretty fast , 
movie , dinner , arcade ( Peixin & Michelle being a crazy DDR player ) , chat awhile & we went home . Maoquan , Peixin & Michelle even waited for my bus to come , and they only went off until my bus came . Love them to the max . Today daddy is gonna accompany me at home tonight , be it whether he is gonna nag at me or scold me , at least someone is by me ♥ Prolly going to chalet later ~

Shall end off this post with my unglam face ? :D 

Not to forget , Peixin's spasm face :
Hehe she's my all time favorite ♥

 Can't wait for Chalet party tomorrow , 
anyone want's to come ? Contact me nao !! (; 

Sometimes , even I myself is in a dilemma . I do miss the past , but I know getting back there wouldn't be the same anymore . I know all the things that had gone wrong , all that "friends" had done behind each other's back , but I choose to keep quiet . I can't forget things , that I really want to get off my mind , but I can't ask anyone to tell me what to do . It's all on us .