Monday, 26 September 2011

Sleepless nights , endless fun .

Do my nose look better in this photo ? HAHA .
Don't mind my eyebags , I stayed awake that morning after I blog , but I did something to my nose !

 I used the Greentea nose pack from Etude house ♥^-^♥
It removes oil and pore deep sebum . Super good but causes slight redness when you take off the Greentea pack off your nose . And that's the reason why I went off to town late that day /:

Anyway ,
after waiting for the redness on my nose to go off ,
I went down to Cineleisure to find Yu Tat , Yvonne , Michelle , Samuel & Louis ! It was so awkward without Peixin that day , so used to having her around everywhere I go ):

All of us went to Graffiti Cafe to have our dinner & met Kristlyn bb for awhile ♥!
She came all the way down alone to Graffiti cafe just to find me , so sweet hehe . Stayed there awhile and we decided to go off to TAB since there was an event going on that night & we had guestlists . 
And Shane came over too ♥!
In the end , Yu tat , Louis , Samuel , Michelle & Yvonne headed to Pomo while me & Shane went to Plaza Sing to see if there's any movie to watch . But when we reached there , there's only midnight shows left -.- .

So Samuel , Louis , Yu Tat & Michelle came over 
Plaza Sing to find us & all of us headed to MBK Thai Disco that night (; 
Went there and met Xiaohao as well & made new friends too ^^
Hehe super enjoyable time with them , besides me ranting and suddenly crying at the end ): . 
Too high with the lolipop . LOL 
I really wonder how can that idiot Yu Tat
still take photos of me when I'm already feeling so down and crying :@

But if I haven't felt so down that night ,
I probably would still have doubts in my mind . I cleared things up and had a good talk with almost everyone , and felt so much better ^^  After MBK ended , most of them went home , but me , Samuel , Louis and Michelle headed to Potong Pasir's Mac and had breakfast ♥!I was starving that time /:

The most dumb thing we ever did after breakfast
that morning was , we actually headed to St Andrews , but it was damn fun . HAHA & we eventually went home and I immediately slept after washing up .

And headed to office yesterday morning at 11AM to have
meeting , and Raymond said I became skinnier , FML ):
Can't wait for the next SMOOVE event ♥ ? Stay tune for the next blasting one ^^ !

Shane flew off to Bangkok this morning ,
kinda upset and feel bad for not replying his texts then . I was so pissed off that I couldn't get to see him last night after meeting at office . Regretted not calling him .... hope he wasn't angry with me /:
Because of that , I was so upset the whole day and I didn't felt like talking to anyone even till today . Showing attitude to all the people around me /:

Fiona Leh cooked me dinner ,
shall go eat it with her nao !!! ♥