Friday, 23 September 2011

Midnight Fun !

I always end up sleeping for long hours after
a night out . And wasting like a day ?! Same happened to yesterday , reached home in the morning , and I just woke up not long ago . Sleeping for at least 18 hours . Fuck . I wish I wasn't that pig . I could have used the "extra" 10 hours doing something else ! Got to get my sleeping & waking time right x.x Spent like a super long time the other day answering 200+ formspring questions & people asking me super funny questions is quite entertaining . LOL

And I was super touched by what Yiqing & Michelle did the other day , 
just few days ago . They came all the way to my house in the evening when I was still sleeping like a pig , with my favorite Laksa at Jurong and my favorite KinderBueno ! ♥♥♥ You may be wondering who opened the door for them , it's my sister again . I woke up getting a heart attack when I saw the both of them laughing beside my bed ._____." BUT , Yiqing even bought something super cute & lovable for me !!! And it's this : 

 She actually ordered Hello kitty shower gel , lotion & hair shampoo for me ♥ !!!
Super cute right . ?! Hehe

And the awesome Laksa they bought , ate it in bed . LOL 
They left after accompanying me for a few hours .

I know this picture looks super white , but I swear I didn't edit the photos okay !!
It's because of the effects from my DSLR  *swears*

And I was super tired when I headed to work , looking like this ):

Anyway , 
went to office to work yesterday (21st) in the afternoon from 3pm-7.30pm . 
All I used was Facebook for this job , looking like this : 
Really need to thank Kai for offering me this job , 
especially for people like me who likes to sit in front of the computer and use FB ^^ 

But thanks a lot to those people in my FB who helped me like this few pages : (Really appreciate it a lot ♥ , because normal people would just ignore it)

And if you haven't like these links , 
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Anyway , went off with Kai after my work , he went town to find most of the Smoovies
where I went to Hougang to meet Yu Tat first ^^ ( Swear he is a bitch for taking away my butter-flavored sunflower seeds , ccb this is for you ok Yu Tat -'- ^-^ -'- ) 

 Yu tat & me trying out different iPhone camera apps ^o^ 

Brought my SONY camera out instead that day ):

After that we bought the sunflower seeds and we started being
"1990's bengs" , sat at the void-deck and starting eating it while waiting for Peixin's call . LOL 
Met Peixin & Joe at Raffles around 12AM , and we headed to Butter Factory together ! ^^ 

And I totally remembered how Peixin suddenly talked about branded stuffs ,
and she goes , " LV la , Gucci la , PRA-TA la (which is supposed to be Prada) " Completely made us laugh like a crazy bitch HAHAHA .

However , 
because of the super good deals for Ladies on ladies night for Butter fact , it was FULL HOUSE -.-"
Yat(someone working there) told us to come earlier next time , geeeezzz . We headed to Avalon (opp butter fact) to check it out , since it was a one week old club . Surprisingly , it's SUPER GOOD . We can even hear their music when we were freaking far away and their lights were shone all over because it's glass-built . They had 3 DJs from LA that day , and their cover charge was $120 excluding drinks . On a normal day , it's $40 excluding drinks ( they haven't started ladies night yet ) & their people are super friendly (: 

Joe's epic face after eating his super big plate of Seafood fried rice& his favorite pink dolphin ^^

The four of us wasted our time 
around that area for super long and headed to a coffee shop near One raffles quay
Filled our stomachs & chat about anything possible . LOL . And my Shane boyboy came to find me even before PH ends for him , super happy ♥♥

Went to Mac after that since Peixin wanted her
horlick ice cream at 4plus AM in the morning .___.
We ended up slacking there till first train & snapped a lot of photos ^^ (Album uploaded in FB )

 Shane's hand looks bigger than my face :@ 

 This idiot Shane chia attempted to stuff his earpiece into my ear ,
resulting my face to look super unglamorous in this photo ):

 Sleepy Peixin . & this is what happened to her later : 
Sleep like a pig already ^^ 

 Joe ^^ 

Yu tat hamster #2 

Thanks Yu tat for this very unglam shot ^^ 

All of us trained home at around 6plus AM ~
Caught one Peixin unglam shot here : 
She yawned while she took photos with me in the train , cute right ?!
HAHA . She never fail to make me smile , even by looking at her photos (: 

 Reached home with super messy hair because of the weather , super strong wind x.x
Took a shower , and headed to bed & slept super well because it's rainy outside ♥.♥
Kinda upset today cause I was supposed to go USS with all our SMOOVE peeps yesterday ): Couldn't go in the end because of some stuffs . Really regret not going ): ....

Goodnight super nice readers , who liked the links , continued reading and subscribed me . ♥