Monday, 19 September 2011


 Literally fall asleep for a whole day since Soul night 
on 17th last Sat . Went to Soul again for an event by PRIMO called SHOTS @ SOUL with my lovely girls 
and friends ♥ , met a lot of people there & made new friends too ^o^ 

Yu Tat and his friend Kelvin is damn nice , 
they came all the way to my house from the other end of SG to fetch me . Haha owe them a meal . 
And we headed off to JE IMM to meet Peixin , get things done and met Yvonne near her house at Jurong & after awhile all of us headed down to Soul , met the rests and went in together while Yvonne went home (:

I've got no idea when this two idiots ( Yu Tat on the left and Samuel on the right )
used my camera to take photos when we were inside . LOL .

Soul was quite enjoyable for the ladies , but not for the guys x:
Ladies had the entire Soul's podium and free shots all the time while guys got none /: ?
Everything went on so well and fun until I received a text from someone important to me . But some times , there's no point talking about it anymore

After Soul , Peixin , Michelle , Yu Tat , Samuel , Louis , Xiaohao , Kelvin 
all went to Mac and suddenly this guy came , guess his name is Justine ? He made us laugh for almost an hour plus and we stayed there till 6 in the morning when Soul ended at 4 . LOL . Went for breakfast and then home (: ! 

And finally now that I've woke up and staying awake for so long
and I can't sleep I decided to blog and show you guys how horrible I look when I woke up . Which was just taken 30mins ago while talking on the phone with my friend . I'm sorry to scare you guys with my horrible face HAHA  :

And my super cute pet lying on my bed , always the one there for me ♥ :

Had a super long awesome chat with my boy , Shane chia on the phone last night ♥♥♥
For the whole night when I can't sleep , memories came back , have been thinking about a lot of things . Heartfelt thoughts , all unsolved . But I guess all these thoughts would never end . Right ?

Anyway , sorry to some peeps . 
It's not because I don't wanna accept friend requests on FB or anything .
I'm not trying to boast or what /: , but my main account @ Chrysan Huihui Lee has reached the maximum amount of friends on FB and my friend requests had also reached the maximum amount of 1000 . So if you want , add my second account @ Chrysan PartyAnimal or Subscribe me at my main account(which is always active and all the updates are there) will do (; ! Or just Inbox me , for any info about SMOOVE etc ♥

And now I'm gonna end off this blogpost with this three epic faces found in my DSLR . LOL