Saturday, 17 September 2011

Soul with Peixin (:

After being stuck at home for days because of what happened 
in my last blog post , I had a lot of fun again and I finally smiled because of my dearest girl who is always by me ♥ Went to Soul last night with her (: 
It's not me that had edited the photo till it's so freaking white , it's just the effects from my DSLR ♥
Don't mind my stupid center parting heh ^^ 

When we reached Soul (: 

Peixin ^^

Get to know a few people @ Soul last night including this two guys . 
Accepted a drink from one of the Soul crew there yesterday & best part was me and Peixin got disturbed by Ang mohs not to mention about the interview by SPH last night -____- . 

After Soul ended , Valentino , Timothy & Vincent came to fetch
me and Peixin home ! So nice of them ^^ But before they sent me home , we went to River Valley to grab some food ♥.♥ . 

Got bored of my center while they were eating so I changed it back x: 

Awhile after they've eaten , 
all of them sent me home . This girl really showed me how we can have fun even if it's just the two of us .
Doing all the stupid things together can be quite retarded at times , but at the end of the day , it still made the both of us smile . And I really hope me and Timothy can get better . We used to be okay-friends . But now , we aren't even talking just because of little misunderstandings . Hope things get better soon ? 

Many people have asked me why 
I still continued being so close to the guy I've blogged about in the previous post . 
The only reason is because , I chose to trust him . I might have fallen a lot of times and got myself hurt in this unstable relationship . Seemingly together with him , but in actual fact I'm single . But I feel happy , blessed , and knowing someone actually protects me without letting me know . And that someone is him

Probably heading to Soul again tomorrow night .
Goodnight , xoxo .