Sunday, 2 October 2011

SMOOVE chalet party

See my ugly naked face ? /: 
Went down to Tiziana & Tiffany's chalet at downtown east with Peixin at night on the 28th like this ,
bought cakes and tarts along that night ♥ !! Met up with Yu Tat who came to fetch us , Louis , Samuel & got to know Thomas ^^ Super fun time at chalet that day , didn't 
bring my camera along , so no photos ):

Peixin & I didn't sleep throughout the night , 
& even had a morning walk that morning ^^ Woke the guys up & left the chalet . 
The twins actually left the chalet 6plus in the morning because we were too noisy , even though they were the ones that opened the chalet . LOL 

The rests went home while me & Peixin went around the green
line to shop in the morning till late afternoon ♥♥ !! Even though I was already dead tired t.t
Had our favorite YAMI yogurt at Bugis too ! ♥

Bought shoes , clothes , accessories & realized it's pretty late already , 
went to QQ Noodle House to fill our stomachs & trained home together (;


Reached home & I quickly prepared to head down
to SMOOVE chalet at Aloha Changi ! Super tired already , but still gotta stay awake & reach there early to relax & prepare for our party . Can't describe how awesome was the chalet party , was damn happy to see all my babies that night ♥ ! Everyone got so drunk & all , it didn't even looked like a chalet . It looked like a mini club . From outside we could see the lightings shining at the second floor , super loud music & everybody's drinking , not to forget the awesome smoke machine !  Time to spam some of the photos taken ♥.♥ ! 
 Raymond , Andrew , Chun Hoe , Big lips Randall , Benjamin , Fadzly , Daryl Chow & Idk who is he ^^

 Johan spinning with his stick .

 Big lips Randall Gan . HAHA

 Prissy ♥ !

 Benjamin ^^ 

Yueyang , Andrew , Daryl , Solomon , Fadzly & Benjamin

 Serene bb , Evon

 Peixin , Shuxian & Christine

 Peixin , Michelle's epic face ♥

 Gary , Peixin , Shawn , Shuxian , Christine , Michelle ^^ 

 Randall act big HAHA.

 When everybody's starting the chalet ♥


 Jeremy ^^ 

 Yu Tat , Samuel & Jeremy 

 Jeremy ^o^

 Tech-nick (; ! 

 Me , Evon , Serene , Ketty & Prissy

 Johan can't maintain . 


 Huiqing , Peixin , Christine ^^ 

After all that crazy party with all the Smoovies & others
having fun , we went to the nearby coffee shop and had breakfast , while I nearly fall asleep /: 

 Samuel still wanna take care of his hair . LOL 

And yup , Michelle and Lynn bought this three super cute Hello Kitty lip balm for me !! ♥ 
 Not to forget Peixin bought dinner for me at chalet that night when she came ^^ Inclusive of Takoyaki ♥ ! And all of us just went back home that morning after having breakfast together , super tiring day . Woke up with my sister Fiona cooking super awesome food for me , tweeted the picture that day , Twitter @ KittyVonnC

Need to catch some sleep already , Goodnight all ♥
Will blog about what I did yesterday in another blog post !