Tuesday, 4 October 2011

One Bakersworld

Was too busy & tired to blog the past few days ,
sorry peeps ): ! So I'm just gonna simply summarize up what I did these few days , less pictures , sorry ! ♥

Met Yvonne , Yu Tat , Yiqing , Michelle , Louis , Thomas , Xiaohao , Shuxian , Andy , Maomao & some others at Cineleisure again the other day , had dinner together , some went home , some went to Punggol Haibin to prawn while Christy fetched me , Yu Tat & Louis to Jurong East to collect some stuffs and met Peixin there as well ! 

And then we headed to Punggol Haibin to meet up with the rests , 
stayed there awhile and headed off to Neverland with Peixin to meet up with Shane , Phoomin & their friends . That long day just ended for me when I went home in the morning ♥.♥ 

Had dinner with Esmonde , Yu Tat , Louis , Samantha , Xiaohao , Tiziana , Tiffany & Thomas at Serangoon , slacked off around the neighbourhood with them and had fun ^^ Met up with Shane again with Samantha , Yu Tat & Louis while the rests went off . Ate my favorite Strawberries & Whipped cream at a old carpark and enjoyed it a lot ♥♥ *even though I was tired* 

Going to have dinner with Christy , Fiona & Jiangyao later !
Don't know where we're going yet , but it's so rare that all of us are having dinner together ! Hehe . Heading off to town to meet my Kristlyn bb this Saturday because it's her birthday ! Wish her Happy Birthday , like her page and visit her blog here @ http://www.sumikaayuzawa.blogspot.com♥ ! 
Maybe going to Nex tomorrow to meet up with her too ^^ 

 I came across this story thing which I believe many had came across as well . 
Read it , & we will all treasure the people around us more . Don't treasure it only after we lose it . It's not worth it (: 

Updated my photo banner at the top of my blog ^^ 
Answered questions from Formspring again , super interesting questions , clear all your doubts at my Formspring ! People have been asking me to do a page instead of having multiple accounts in FB , if you think it's a good idea , respond to me at my Formspring or Twitter @KittyVonnC . Tell me if you guys want me to do vlog too ! 

Anyway , have you guys tried Frozen cake
Want healthier cakes ( less sugar ) but no idea where to get them ? 
Too lazy to get out of your house to get tasty cakes ? Delivery service is available ! 
One Bakersworld provides everything above ! ♥

 Super nice cakes right ?! 
This is just some of it only , lot's of other flavors available ! 

Visit their Facebook page here( their info is all here !!!) :
One Bakersworld

And most importantly , help me "LIKE" their Facebook page alright ! Every likes counts , 
thanks for your effort ♥

Came across this status by someone in Facebook , 
" I love the rain so much , cause when you cry , no one can see . " 
At the same time , how would you know no one would help you wipe your tears when it's not raining ?